MOSES Distribute​d Scene Graph #2 Results

See attached… here are the highlights…

21 June 2013 DSG Server Perf AnalysisResults of Scalable Avatar Role Play #2: 101 Registrations, 63 Max online at any one time; Both US and European participants, 3 of 4 client managers stable and in the simulation throughout, 4th dropped communication but was recovered successfully and brought back in.

Translation: 60 plus avatars successfully engaged in a complex, environmentally and culturally-detailed, highly interactive, one-region training simulation with no lag.

Next, Scalable Avatar Role Play #3: allow for 150 Registrations, additional client managers, earlier start, on a Saturday rather than a Friday, to accommodate US and Euro time zones. registration opens Friday, July 12th


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Maxwell, Douglas <>
Date: Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 3:25 PM

Good Afternoon All, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated in the June 21 experiment. The attached pdf has a quick look analysis of the data we collected.  In the graphic, "cm1 agents" are total human agents in the MOSES DSG Grid. The times are in UTC, so subtract 4 to get east coast time (18:18 is 14:18ET, 2:18PM).

Notice the abrupt drop in human agents at 22:15 and 22:58.  This was due to an issue with client manager 2, on the Amazon EC2, which lost communication with the simulation. Everybody logged into the other client managers remained stable and in the simulation.  When CM2 rejoined the simulation, people could log back into it. We are investigating the cause.

We are actively preparing for the next experiment, DSG #3. Thank you for your feedback and please keep it coming. Below is a list of responses I have for the most common concerns…

1. Registration Process is being re-written and updated. It will be smoother and we will allow pre-registration for those of you who wish to retain your previous roles.
2. The number of roles will be expanded to at least 150 and we will continue adding roles to accept over 300 participants by September. We are writing a new role database that will help us keep up with who’s who as well as streamline the creation process.
3. There will be separate soldier orientation and civilian orientation sessions. We will go over basic responsibilities and behaviors of the soldiers as well as culturally relevant advice for the civilians. You have asked me "what are we supposed to do?" or "how am I supposed to behave?". Although this is role play, we understand you need a little more guidance.  I will have some subject matter experts logged in during these orientation sessions.
4. We will redistribute and/or add more client managers to help support more east coast and european participants.
5. We had 101 discrete registrations; we peaked at 63 max. We noticed an overlap as it got late in Europe, people left however the east coast US folks were just getting home from work and joining us. The next DSG experiment will be held earlier in the day and on a Saturday to promote more overlapping participation.
6. DSG Chat will have a much higher cap and everyone is encouraged to use it as out-of-grid communication with the experiment organizers.

Timeline of events:
7/11 DSG#3 Pre-registration
7/12 DSG#3 Public registration opens
7/16 Soldier Role Orientation
7/17 Village People Orientation
7/20 MOSES DSG #3

If you have any questions or discussion, please feel free to join the MOSES mailing list ( or email me directly. Have a great day everyone.  -douglas

Douglas Maxwell, MSME
Science and Technology Manager
Virtual World Strategic Applications
U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC)
(407) 208-5097
DSN 970-5097
twitter: @vrdeity


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