Models, Oh My

InStyleImagery.comModelsAboutFaceDesignTeamOrlandoSandyPucHandsonTourPhotographyFashionBehindtheScenes06One of my personal mentors once said, “all models are lies; some are useful.”
Another said, “you know, there are no gurus.”
And another once said, “do more better!.”

Of course they (and I) are right.

Each of us, in growing and developing, latch onto multiple role models as we develop. These include Mother, Father, Sibling, Role Model. Ultimately, we become (ideally) fully functioning adults in our own right, identifying and dealing with each other.

Difficult subject: why? FFA’s realize that it is meaningless, but that it is meaningless is also meaningless. So we simply strive, in an infinite game, to simply connect and empathize with each other.

In my own case, I am curious about theories (models) of: a) physical matter and energy and the cosmos, and b) consciousness and awareness and reincarnation.


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