Five Fields Of Human Relationships

Preface: All models are lies; some are useful.

Unboundedly-given support, energy (yes, all)
Directionally-given support, energy; also: directionally-not-given support, energy (yes, this; not, that)
Mutually-given support, energy (yes, what we share)
Admirer-Admired (Role Model)
Unconditionally-given support, energy (yes, where I want to-be-like-you)

Fully functioning adult-Fully functioning adult
Mutually-exchanged, selected support, energy (yes, where in this I am like you, and in this you are like me; and in this, said: Namaste! – I salute the light within you).


One Response to “Five Fields Of Human Relationships”

  1. Maggie Edwards Says:

    Another meaning of Namaste – My soul bows to your soul.

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