First impressions House of Cards US version Season Two

house of cards season us season 2Bottom line: Definitely worth watching at least the first several episodes.

I watched House of Cards British version, Three Seasons, several years ago and I liked it very much (except for the ending of the last episode of the last season, sigh).

In both the US and the British version Francis Underwood is a ruthlessly pragmatic politician whom you love to hate and yet still watch. In both versions Francis is supported totally by his mate. The British mate is Elizabeth, the US mate is Claire.

The US version goes even more beyond the British: Claire has a much more proactive role; the political issues are even more broad reaching and contemporary. And… because Francis is a Southern Democrat, with so-called liberal values, his clashes with the press and his fellow Democrats add even more tension.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (Francis and Claire) are superb actors. The writing, casting, videography, and production are likewise superb. This is fiction. One has to wonder how close or distant "real life" is from this "virtual reality" screenplay.


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