who’m i?

I am a perfectly normal guy, with a perfectly normal gal, and perfectly normal children, who became enamored, 10 years ago, with online presence. I experimented with being an online game Beta tester and with being a Wikipedia contributor.

I then branched out into WordPress, Facebook, and Linked In. And other online services.

Somewhere in there, I learned about There, Second Life, and other virtual world online platforms. I finally settled on Second Life. While doing so I realized the incredible freedom of having second, etc. identities through virtual presences. I realized that we all have virtual identities and lives in addition to our "birth" identities: for example, every time we listen to a story, read a book, talk on the phone, listen to a friend, watch a movie, and so on.

I also learned that there is a lot of theory and discussion behind multiple identities: nom de plume, nom de guerre, go, nom en ligne, and more.

In Second Life, when I created my Avatar, I created it/him/her as female, even though I am a perfectly normal guy. My Avatar represented my ideals of femininity including my mom, other significant women in my life, and Greek mythology: my primary Online name/Avatar name, Sitearm, is an anagram of Artemis.

As a perfectly normal guy, with blah blah blah, I continue my interest in the freedom of having more than one, more than "birth," (call them, "virtual" identities). I attribute this interest to Maslow’s theory of Self Actualization.

I’ve posted on this much already, and if I have to do so, will do so more.


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