who’s buried in who’s tomb?

Death is so complicated these days!

Me mum’s ashes are buried in two, pending three, locations these days. Me dad’s are buried already in three. My grandmother’s and grandfather’s ashes are buried in two locations each, side by side, in their respective cities.

It’s all because of the cremation craze! My maternal grandmother explicitly stated, in my own hearing, as a young lad, that she did not want to be buried whole; she wanted instead to be cremated. My maternal granddad nevertheless buried her whole. I never did hear what my paternal granddad and grandmother preferred, but I did know that they were each buried whole.

My dad, when he passed, was cremated. And me mum, when she passed, was cremated. Ashes give you so many more options for distribution to multiple burial points. And that is what happened (see above). In mine own case, I opt also for cremation, following my mother’s preferences. I’ve already sent my preferred epitaph ("Live the moment you’re in; you will never die, you were never born." Alan Watts 1915-1973).

There is an issue with multiple distribution burial points: future genealogists need definitive dates of birth and death. Because my wife is a genealogist, I am sympathetic with this viewpoint.

It is even now more complicated because so many of us from the Boomer, GenX, Millennial, and beyond generations have online ("virtual") as well as birth ("real") legacies. And because cremation seems to be more and more a preferred solution. We likely need new recording mechanisms for genealogists to apply. We all remain interested in our past, ancestors, and heritage, whatever culture we come from.

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