dear facebook and google+ I am not that fond of you because…

i-am-disinclined-to-acquiesce-to-your-requestDear Facebook and Google+ I am not that fond of you because you require a "real" aka "birth" name to register with you. As if that could ensure you increased ad revenues (pfft)!

In Facebook’s case, I acquiesed*. In Google+’s case I did not. Nor did I acquiese* to LinkedIn… who, hopefully, has not been so frikkin stupid.

Who care’s what the "birth" name is, as long as the "real" person buys online?! Do not you get get it? The real person has a real credit card and a real checking account balance, never mind what Online ID they use to buy stuff.

This is the age of the Millenneals… deal with it!

*acquiesce: accept something reluctantly but without protest


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