Disowning people in your life – or, further life’s lessons learned

saboteur archetypeThis is what I’ve learned about (trying to) disown people in your life aka “Lessons Learned.”

When me Mum disowned me Dad she MEANT it… and yet he and me and me Sis stayed in touch no matter how much me Mum worried.

When I cut off me first official girl friend, it hurt her and it hurt me, and I eventually managed to touch base back to make sure she was OK and that so was I. (Yet, when my second official girl friend cut off me, it hurt me, and I don’t know how or if it hurt her, and to this day, we’ve never touched base back so I don’t know if she’s OK).

When my near life-long friend and wedding-best man cut me off a few years ago for political differences, it hurt me and taught me that politics weigh less than friendship – and yet we’ve never spoken since then.

At this point, I am pursuing learning how to maintain relationships respecting both THEIR points of view, and MINE, without causing some kind of irreparable rift. This is not just important to me, I think, but to the future of the world.

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