east west Eurasian axis

According to Jared Diamond, about 13,000 years ago, Homo Sapiens was an established Hunter-Gatherer society on all continents of earth. However, due to an accident of geography, only those clans in Eurasia had access to resources to prevail. And so, by 1550 AD or so, Pizarro, due to Guns, Germs, and Steel, was able to conquer Peru with a 50 to 200,000 or so numerical disadvantage.

Diamond’s key thesis is that all Homo Sapiens are equally intelligent and capable, but that due to the east west Eurasian axis, some advanced beyond others.

Diamond has wonderful research results about domestication of plants and animals, and the advantage of the above-said axis providing horizontal technological distribution. He further shows how Homo Sapiens eradicated progress in the Americas and Australia (extinction of species) and ditto Easter Island.

Two decades or so ago I personally decided that Homo Sapiens needed to get off the planet for expansion and survival – however, it seems to be that H.S. also needs to manage expansion and survival on this planet. In other words, clean house before you go on vacation!


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