what inspires you to proceed further in life, or not?

What is the difference between a public domain information courier, an organization development facilitator, or a computer technology global advocate?

Well, in the first place, “public domain” means a total lack of interest (on my part) in endorsing destructive intellectual property battles such as between Newton and Leibniz, Edison and Tesla, or Apple and Google and Microsoft.

Who CARES who invented the Calculus – we all need and use it. Who CARES who invented the “mouse” – we all need and use it. Who CARES who invented “fire” or “the wheel” – we all need and use it.

Good luck to all you obsessive compulsive credit seekers who want credit on your “permanent record” after you die. We all want to leave a legacy, sure. So, OK, look, if it floats your boat to be officially named as the Jeff Bezos of Amazon, or the Bill Gates of Microsoft, or the um… um… um… Who of Banner Ads, or whatever, I mean, really, OK, fine, is that all you want?

Television was invented by three or so nameless people and yet it survives and, nameless, makes a major economic difference. Do you want your name in lights? Or do you want your contribution to be eternal even if it is anonymous or (shudder) shared with others?

My goal, vision, and mission is that technology growth (computer in particular) serves all, and my game is an infinite not a finite game. That means that the rules must change to keep everyone in play, and that credit to prior “winners” (with all due respect) may be partial or ephemeral.

Babe Ruth rocked! And his home run record has been broken twice or more. Does that mean he is a loser – YES – if you think that one simple number is a lifelong measure of immortality – NO – if you think that he forwarded the practice of baseball to allow many more new players to participate and set records. Which of these interpretations, equally valid, inspire you to pursue and proceed further in life, or even beyond your life, or not?

Please consider the impossible, infinite, beyond one lifetime perspective, at least for what it makes possible


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