enjoying the drama…

My daughter advised me recently, during a discussion regarding relatives, to “be entertained by their drama.” I was struck by this, told her so, and wrote it down.

Today watching a first season episode of “Ugly Betty” (Season 1 Ep. 6 Trust, Lust and Must). I suddenly noted myself, indeed, “enjoying the drama.”

In reflection I see it is easier to enjoy “the drama” when it is spectacularly played up. In further reflection I expect “the drama” can then be enjoyed in lesser emphases over time… so much so perhaps that one can enjoy the drama of any moment in time.

I want to contrast this with something my mother advised me eons ago, during a discussion regarding a movie, “Why should I watch a movie that has a terrible ending and brings me down when I have enough in life already with which to deal? I want positive movies!”

In reflection I see this has applied for me to movies, books, and general interpretations of life. In further reflection I see that in certain cases “poignancy” has rung my bell – as in “poignant beauty*.” At times certain themes, musical or lyrical or pictorial have rung my bell leaving me aching for something suddenly called present as only a hint. This includes certain hymns etc.

BUT in even further reflection I see that the perception of something perceived as a possibility and then “lost” can lead to an increase in awareness, can lead to an increase in growth, can lead to a whole new new learning and completion and wholeness.

And as they say the beat goes on.

*Poignant: pricking the feelings (deeply affecting; painfully affecting)
  Beauty: attractive to the senses and mind


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