Why I Love “Get Shorty” starring Travolta and Russo

get shorty screen shot john and reneJohn Travolta is ultra-cool in this film treatment of Elmore Leonard’s novel. Travolta is “Chile Palmer,” a Miami loan shark who decides to become a Los Angeles movie producer. He partners with Rene Russo, who is hot and cool as “Karen Flores,” a former B list horror flick actress who wants to be a producer as well. Together they enroll Danny DeVito, who is “Martin Weil,” a marvelous send-up of A list actors who wants to learn and perform Chile’s trademark “Shylock Look.” All move ahead as Chile deals with bad guys past and present.

The film is quirky, fast-moving, and surprising like the novel. And the good guys and gals prevail at the end, as well they should. Much fun (86% positive on Rotten Tomatoes)!

Available on NetFlix and other:

Get Shorty (film) (1995)

Get Shorty (1990)


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