I am become mine own curator

curatorA key takeaway for me when my a) grandmothers b) grandfathers c) father d) mother e) step-grandmother, f) uncles died was how my g) mother h) aunts i) uncle, sister, and I, j) sister and I dealt with all the stuff the deceased had accumulated/passed on in their lives.

I have not yet died AND I have been dealing with stuff accumulated/possibly-to-be-passed-on in my own life, inspired by multiple “signals” that this is an appropriate time to do so.

Invented principles of what to keep, pass on, discard continue to bombard me. I am become mine own curator – seeking to strike a balance between what to preserve for posterity/legacy/family who would care for/about it and what, if preserved, they would not.

I include in this balancing acts my own votes about what I would want to be continued/remembered/acted on, if there were even half a chance… and what I would pass on or delete without a whimper.

If you relate to this, or this applies to you now or in the near/distant future, may it serve you : )

image credit: curator


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