Gunslinger Girl – A Brief Review

gunslinger girlGunslinger Girl 2003 anime season 1 is on Netflix {February – 2018}.

The premise of Gunslinger Girl and style strike me as La Femme Nikita transcribed from France to Italy, with young girls instead of young women trained as government assassins, mentored by their men “handlers”, expressed in anime not film. The imagery, music and scripts are simple and affecting, produced as fixed drawings combined with few moving parts, sound, music richly harmonic, script and character themes and interactions that strike me as simple and affecting. I am half through season 1 and find my attention engaged in the simple story arcs and style. I have no idea if there will be some cataclysmic end but I also know there is a season 2 somewhere. By the way .. yes this is about government assassins and death.

Wikipedia Article Gunslinger Girl
Netflix {as of February-2018} Season 1 Gunslinger Girl
Flixable Image Credit Gunslinger Girl

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