Oh My Ghost South Korean TV Series 2015 – A Brief Review

oh my ghostI am now entranced with a contemporary South Korean TV series called “Oh My Ghost.” My mantra continues: high production values, cute female and male characters young and old, setting in a different culture, Korean audio with English subtitles, romance-comedy-drama-supernatural all-in-one, good and bad characters and wouldn’t you like to try to guess which are which, and a plot I can’t predict better than 40-60 or 20-80.

After several such TV series I was curious enough to research this on the web and discovered these kinds of shows a) are part of what is called the South Korean Wave, b) are popular all over the world, and c) exist in such variety that they appeal to multiple different audiences.

In this series the family values and the supernatural are blended with food and cooking – no plot spoilers here, however!

Available on Netflix as of 31-Mar-2018


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