2662 Pulse Story (Video)

pulses and interludes, arcs bright and dark – watch the patterns

Thank you for your curiosity regarding Pulse Story the music composition. The ideas behind pulse story include first, the development of multiple personas as humans grow older. I call these the wisdom teeth or “interlude” parts in the composition. They are played by the Solo Vox flutish vocal sounds. Second, the shifts in how people form, break, and reform connections and levels of closeness to other people. I call these the quantum jump or “pulse” parts in the composition. They are played by the piano, horn, timpani, and oboe sounds.

I feel that personas develop in response both to primal drives we are born with and demands made on us by the fact that we live with other people. There is an ongoing push and a pull between us and the world and this influences our personal wisdom teeth development and our social connection quantum jumping around. Sometimes these changes are discontinuous and sometimes they are smooth.

These ideas have been on my mind and I’ve been studying, expressing, and sharing them in words and images and I wanted to add an aural expression.

I also wanted something that was holographic, any one part of the composition could represent the entire composition. So if a traditional story or song has a beginning, middle, and an end, for me, pulse story has ongoingness. It is a bunch of so many stories shifting around at such a varying pace that perhaps our awareness can step back and feel the whole. The more I listen to it the more I like it.

I set out to create in sounds ideas I had expressed in words and images in order to get away from expressing them in words. And here I am expressing the sounds back in words, hopefully with a new take on ideas the second time around.

Was this of interest?  Hope you enjoyed it :) See you soon.

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