Small Exceeding

The range of life does well extend
between the tiny and the vast,
as do the threats to its existence.
We must be clever to maneuver,
while overwhelming forces pend,
finessing till each danger’s passed.



Correcting Sestet

The books of rules have many chapters
containing sections to elide,
their antecedents proven wrong.
This often causes controversy.
How dare we question our ancestors?!
But even they would say it’s right.


Returning Sestet

I have two homes in which I work.
Between them daily I commute.
One’s in the sky, the other earth.
Each time I change I leave a note.
It helps, when back, my pace ensure.
And keeps me focused on my purview.


Clustering Sestet

With dirt and water we make mud,
massaging it into cohesion
and baking it to make ceramics
to hold our foodstuffs and our lore.
The new to old we do abut
and civilising bounds extend.


Converting the Maiden Sestet

Some fusions last and others end,
some mergers work and others don’t.
What might be guarantees sufficient
for higher chances of success?
Some pundits say odds best are reckoned
by looking at the blends of talent.


Great Exceeding Sestet

Sometimes it’s wise to play with fire
and other times to withdraw quickly.
There is a knack to sensing pressure
and when the flows are safely working.
From this we gain a higher stature
by learning dangers to foresee.


Polarising Sestet

With sundry natures we’re created
that, like electrons, push and pull
and constitute a human power
by which great deeds can be performed.
The trick’s to keep things insulated
so that the charges don’t unravel.


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