Book Review

“Book Review”

In ancient Athens long ago,
the slaves and women suffered durance.
Men worshipped virile domination,
erecting phallic herms galore.
Their world around them soon crashed low,
for karmic forces have no patience.

The Reign of the Phallus: Sexual Politics in Ancient Athens
EC Keuls, 1993



The books of rules have many chapters
containing sections to elide,
their antecedents proven wrong.
This often causes controversy.
How dare we question our ancestors?!
But even they would say it’s right.



With dirt and water we make mud,
massaging it into cohesion
and baking it to make ceramics
to hold our foodstuffs and our lore.
The new to old we do abut
and civilising bounds extend.



At times in life we find that we
are overwhelmed by our possessions
and cannot move unless we lighten.
Although confronted by dilemma
of what to keep and what to empty
we look to what our heart intends.

It Three

It Three hp01 C3443 7710 ANIMATION
from the Composing for Change Series