Composing a Ballad – Communication Beyond Words

Sound and movement precede words, as does music.


Moon Joins The Party (Grand Conjunction)

Moon Joins The Party (Grand Conjunction)
Jupiter & Moon 18-Mar-2020 5:50 AM CDT

Virtual Pioneers Tour Village of Restalrig Medieval Scotland 08-Mar-2020

If you haven’t been in Second Life recently (and who hasn’t) you’d be amazed on checking in again at the explosion of themed regions. This one was built single-handed by (looks at notes) Marion Ker Logan (nee NellyMoody Resident) in honor of her mother and heritage.

I usually scoff at roleplay because reasons however the Story Teller had me back to the days of Baba Yaga on looks alone (see first pictures). I also scoffed in advance at being asked in advance to wear period attire which I did anyway because Virtual Pioneers has period attire available gratis at their HQ.

And THEN I saw Cychwynn’s and others’ period attire and was awed and envious. Virtual Pioneers runs a nice program and the region builds, owners, and guides are outstanding.

Story Teller

Main Hall


Video Design Factors

Video design factors include assets, star, video watcher, points of view, participants, qualitative elements, communication, and intention.

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