Oh My Ghost South Korean TV Series 2015 – A Brief Review

oh my ghostI am now entranced with a contemporary South Korean TV series called “Oh My Ghost.” My mantra continues: high production values, cute female and male characters young and old, setting in a different culture, Korean audio with English subtitles, romance-comedy-drama-supernatural all-in-one, good and bad characters and wouldn’t you like to try to guess which are which, and a plot I can’t predict better than 40-60 or 20-80.

After several such TV series I was curious enough to research this on the web and discovered these kinds of shows a) are part of what is called the South Korean Wave, b) are popular all over the world, and c) exist in such variety that they appeal to multiple different audiences.

In this series the family values and the supernatural are blended with food and cooking – no plot spoilers here, however!

Available on Netflix as of 31-Mar-2018



Lunch Poem (Amphibrach)

Horseradish, green olives, and cheddar when added
to roast beef and lettuce and fresh sliced tomatoes
and put in a sandwich of rye marbled breading
cause taste bud explosions of savory glory.


Julia Child’s French Onion Soup – 1963 and 1989

Interesting to compare:
1) Video production methods (1963 was live-to-tape no cuts, B&W; 1989 was Color and cut/edited as part of series)
2) Distribution (1963 was public television broadcast; 1989 was VHS tape and printed booklet)
3) Cooking Demonstration (1963 included much discussion of knife care tips plus pre-prepared pots to show cooking stages and avoid time delays; 1989 followed one prepared pot using time edits to avoid time delays)
4) Julia (magnificent as ever : )


julia 1963

Julia Child – The French Chef – French Onion Soup (1963; Age 51)





julia 1989

Julia Child – The Way To Cook – Lesson 4 Soups Salads and Bread -  French Onion Soup (1989; Age 77 – 26 years later)

Protein Casserole – RECIPE

This is a simple, fast “bachelor/bachelorette” protein casserole good for 3-4 servings.

. Protein
– Plain Baked Beans – 16 oz. can
– Sliced Lunch Meat (e.g., Turkey or Ham) – 4 oz.
– Cheese (e.g., Cheddar or Swiss) – 4 oz.
. Body
+Macaroni – 1-1/2 cups (or substitute Tortellini or Ravioli)
. Sauce
+Garlic Powder – 1 tsp.
+Onion Powder – 1 tsp.
+Cayenne Pepper Powder – 1 tsp.
+Crushed Red Pepper – 1 tsp.
+Hot Sauce- 1 tsp.
+Ketchup – 3/4 cup
+Water – 3/4 cup
+Soy Sauce – 2 tsp.

– Medium Pot – 1
– Can Opener – 1
– Colander – 1
– Large Bowl – 1
– Small Bowl – 1
– Small Plate – 1
– Knife – 1
– Large Spoon – 1
– Microwave Oven
– Stove

01. Add 4 cups water to Medium Pot and set to boil on Stove at High
02. Open Plain Baked Beans with Can Opener and add to Colander; with tap water, rinse off all sauce
03. Place rinsed Plain Baked Beans into Large Bowl
+Add Garlic Powder, Onion Power, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Crushed Red Pepper. Hot Sauce, Ketchup, Water, and Soy Sauce
04. Place Sliced Lunch Meat on Small Plate and, using Knife, cut into small pieces; place into Small Bowl
05. Place Cheese on Small Plate and, using Knife, cut into small pieces
06. Check Medium Pot and, when boiling, add Macaroni/Tortellini/Ravioli – set timer for 7 minutes
07. To Large Bowl, add Sliced Lunch Meat and Cheese pieces – stir with Large Spoon
+ Microwave Large Bowl at High (cover with Paper Towel) for 2 minutes
09. When Macaroni/Tortellin/Ravioli is complete, add to Colander to strain off water; then add to Large Bowl and stir with Large Spoon
+ Microwave Large Bowl at High for another 1-2 minutes
10. Serve

Breaded Pan-Fried Chicken in Light Tomato Sauce RECIPE

This is a fast recipe that uses simple but fresh ingredients. Add salt to taste.


Fresh Chicken Pieces: 16 ounces (so-called Chicken Tenders are good; or cut Chicken Breasts into 4 inch slices)
Basil: 1 Teaspoon
Oregano: 1 Teaspoon
Sage: 1 Teaspoon
Worcestershire Sauce: 1 Tablespoon
Red Wine Vinegar: 1 Tablespoon
Chicken Broth: 1 Tablespoon, 1 Cup
Flour: 1 Cup
Canola Oil
Fresh Onion: 1/2, Grated
Tomato Sauce: Small Can


Large Bowls: 2
Large Plates: 2
Large Fry Pan
Paper Towels


1. Add Basil, Oregano, Sage, Worcestershire Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar, Chicken Broth (1 Tbsp) to Large Bowl
2. Stir thoroughly with Spoon
3. Add Fresh Chicken Pieces
4. Mix thoroughly until all chicken pieces are coated
5. Set bowl aside for later


1. Add Tomato Sauce and Chicken Broth (1 cup) to Large Bowl
2. Mix thoroughly
3. Set bowl aside for later


1. Add Flour to Large Plate
2. Lay Chicken Pieces on Flour
3. Turn Chicken Pieces over
4. Continue to coat Chicken Pieces in Flour until all are evenly coated
5. Set aside on clean Large Plate


1. Add Canola Oil to Large Fry Pan (enough to coat bottom evenly)
2. Put on High Heat
3. Oil is hot enough when a small test piece of breaded chicken begins to sizzle immediately
4. Cook breaded chicken pieces, about four at a time, 2-3 minutes on each side, using Fork to turn them over
5. Chicken pieces are pre-cooked when there is a deep brown color on each side
6. Set aside on Paper Towels on Large Plate to drain


1. Drain excess oil from Large Fry Pan but keep the small brown bits and pieces on the bottom
2. Put pan on Low Heat
3. Add Onion and stir and cook until translucent
4. Add Sauce from bowl
5. Stir continuously with Spatula, scraping brown bits off bottom of pan and into the mix
6. Sauce is pre-cooked when pan bottom is clean and sauce is smoothly mixed and heated


1. Spread sauce evenly over pan
2. Lay pre-cooked chicken pieces evenly across sauce
3. Allow to simmer on Low Heat another 5-10 minutes
4. Chicken is done when cutting open a test piece shows no rubberiness
5. Take pan off heat
6. Use Spatula to carefully remove pieces to clean Large Plate


1. Chicken may be served as is or placed on top of a pasta, or with vegetables etc.


Ginger Chicken RECIPE

ginger chicken image

Serves 3-4 people

. Fresh Boneless Chicken – 16oz. (white or dark)
. Corn Starch
. Fresh Ginger Root
. Fresh Green Onion
. Fresh Green Pepper (bell or chile)
. Fresh Garlic Cloves
. Chicken Bouillon Cubes
. Rice Vinegar
. Sesame Oil
. Soy Sauce (regular or lite)
. Hoisin Sauce
. Canola Oil (vegetable not Olive Oil)
. Water

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