Online Collaboration Tips for the Tech-Savvy @ Dublin Institute of Technology in Second Life

Always a pleasure to guest lecture for “Is One Life Enough” at Dublin Institute of Technology’s campus in Second Life. Course module information is at

iole 2016_001

1. Guest Lecturer, Sitearm Madonna
2. Dean of Arts and Tourism, John O’Connor, addressing students
3. Facilitator, Locks Aichi, chatting with Sitearm and John

iole 2016_010

iole 2016_013











“Is One Life Enough” Autumn 2014 Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Autumn 2014 “Is One Life Enough” professional social media course is now open. The module will begin Thursday, October 2nd, 8:00 p.m. Irish Time, and will be taught online in Second Life.

The “Is One Life Enough” professional social media course is a university-level online course taught weekly for 10 sessions held at Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Second Life and accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. The audience for this course is undergraduates, professionals, and educators seeking university-level training and credit in the use of online tools, such as Second Life, WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn. Students will attend sessions as Avatars and maintain online journals between sessions. Students will learn to establish and strengthen their online professional presence. Students will learn to work collaboratively, online, to complete team projects selected by the students and presented at module’s end to a collective university and Second Life audience.

Dublin Institute of Technology Students may receive DIT College Credit as part of their current tuition – contact the office of Dean John O’Connor.
Second Life Students may receive DIT Accredited Professional Continuing Education Credit for a part-time tuition fee (99 Euro or equivalent in L$/US$) – contact Dublin In SL Registrar Sitearm Madonna
University of Akron Students may receive UOA College Credit as part of their current tuition – contact the office of Dr. Dudley B. Turner.

Inquiries: James Neville (“Sitearm Madonna” in SL)

Module History:

In 2009, the “Is One Life Enough” module was founded for Dublin Institute of Technology DIT students by (then) Head of School, John O’Connor (“Acuppa Tae” in SL), and eLearning Development Officer, Claudia Igbrude (“Locks Aichi” in SL).

In 2010, IOLE received the “Jennifer Burke Innovation in Teaching and Learning Award” from the Irish Learning Technology Association and Dublin City University. Also in 2010, module eligibility was expanded to the greater Second Life Community via collaboration with Dublin Virtually Live Owner, John Mahon (“Ham Rambler” in SL).

In 2012, IOLE received the “Further and Higher Education Innovation Award” from Learning Without Frontiers (London, UK). Also in 2012, Dr. Dudley Turner (“Dudley Dreamscape” in SL) graduated from the Autumn 2012 module as a Second Life Student.

In 2014, module eligibility was further expanded to University of Akron students via collaboration with Dr. Turner.

Organization History:

Dublin Institute of Technology is the largest provider of third level education in Ireland and is on track to be Ireland’s first nationally accredited technological university.

Dublin in Second Life is a recreation of Dublin City online, celebrating the music, art, education, culture, and enterprise of Ireland and is a premier member of the broad Second Life Community, recognized by both Residents and Linden Lab Top Management.

University of Akron is one of America’s strongest public universities, focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.


John O’Connor is a Director of Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) in Dublin, Ireland, and Dean of the College of Arts and Tourism. His work includes sitting on the Senior Leadership Team of DIT, teaching the award winning module, ‘Virtual Environments: Is one life enough?’ and promoting Dublin as a creative city and thriving economic hub. His academic interests include: access to education for isolated communities; the use of technology to support learning; typography; and development of the professional design sector in Ireland.

Dr. Dudley B. Turner is Former Interim Dean, College of Creative & Professional Arts, University of Akron (UOA) in Akron, Ohio, USA. He teaches communication, persuasion, and professional speaking. Dr. Turner is a champion of the use of virtual world communication technologies such as Second Life. He is the 2014 winner of the prestigious Ohio’s Innovative Teacher Award from the Ohio Communication Association.

"Is One Life Enough?" Professional Use Of Social Media Class Meeting Update

This semester, Dublin, Ireland students met with Akron, Ohio, USA students in an "Is One Life Enough?" Professional Use Of Social Media Class Meeting Update.

More specifically, John O’Conner’s Dublin Institute of Technology Lecturers and Alums met with Dudley Turner’s University of Akron Lecturers and Honors Students in a beneficial clash of Dublin vs. Akron cultures to mutual benefit. More news later in an online education conference presentation in France and in this blog.






















Scalable Avatar Role Play Experiment #3 Now Open for Public Registration

moses dsg #1 slide with captionScalable Avatar Role Play Experiment #3 Now Open for Public Registration

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Maxwell, Douglas <>
Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:59 AM
Subject: MOSES DSG #3 Now Open for Public Registration

Good Afternoon All, I am pleased to announce the MOSES DSG #3 Experiment is now open for role player registrations.

Please disseminate the links below as widely as possible.

We have made accommodations for over 150 users.


Scenario Details:

Experiment Description:

Registration Page:

Douglas Maxwell, MSME
Science and Technology Manager
Virtual World Strategic Applications
U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC)
(407) 208-5097
DSN 970-5097
twitter: @vrdeity

SL10B extravaganza presentations and exhibitor pod tours

sl10b_002Second Life is a 3-D world where everyone you see is a real person.

SL10B is this year’s Second Life anniversary resident-run gala celebration.

Today, I gave two SL10B auditorium presentations:
. “Is One Life Enough” (IOLE) Professional Social Media Course
. “Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (MOSES)” Community

Afterwards, I toured the entire SL10B build using the the convenient, highly reliable, clickable/ridable Pod Tours Station links at:

SL10B Auditorium Tomorrow, Tuesday, 9am PDT: Presentation in Second Life about the "Is One Life Enough Professional Social Media Course"

You are invited to a presentation in Second Life about the "Is One Life Enough Professional Social Media Course."

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday, 9-10am PDT (12noon-1pm EDT; 5-6pm BST)
WHERE: Second Life 10th Birthday Spectacular Auditorium
WHAT: College and professional development credit course taught twice yearly in Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Dublin Virtually Live in Second Life (R)
PRESENTER: Sitearm Madonna, IOLE SL Registrar

The Second Life 10th Birthday extravaganza has kicked off and features exhibits, events, and presentations. Log in early, or stay late, to explore and enjoy the festivities!

The presentation will explain where the course is taught, when it is taught, who teaches, who attends, and why. It will review how classes are run, the topics that are covered, the types of class assignments given, and examples of final class projects. The presentation will review feedback from graduates, including undergraduate university students, university professors, entrepreneurs, business people and more.

Alumni: Come by and reconnect and pitch in on the discussion!
Interested Parties: Come by and find out about the course directly!

SL10B Auditorium Tuesday, 9am PDT – Sitearm Madonna: Is One Life Enough Professional Social Media Course
Networking – Other SL people in IOLE
Learning – Mastering social media

SL10B Spectacular Auditorium, SL10B Spectacular (28, 254, 24)

Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough, Professional Social Media Course, AUTUMN 2013 ONLINE CLASS

05_iole class 02-may-2013_MikeThe next Is One Life Enough Professional Social Media Class is scheduled to start October 3rd 2013.

Would you like to Master Social Media?

The “Is One Life Enough” Professional Social Media Course is a University-level online course taught weekly for 10 sessions held at Dublin Institute of Technology Campus in Second Life and accredited by Dublin Institute of Technology.

The audience for this course is undergraduates, professionals, and professional educators seeking university-level training and/or in-service training credit in the Professional Use of Social Media Tools including Second Life, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogging, Google+, and YouTube. Students attend as Avatars and maintain online journals. Suitable for application to all disciplines including design, literature, media, arts, business, education, and technology. A technology background is not required, however, students must have a good internet connection and computer. Course includes online reading assignments, independent exploration, and student-student interaction between classes. Students will need to spend several hours a week online.

If you are an experienced SL Resident there is a significant discount for you to participate… either as a Business Person, Artist, Academic Professor, or Independent… If you are already a Dublin Institute of Technology Student look for it in your DIT curriculum guide.


Full course information and credentials here
SL inquiries / registrations: James Neville (SL: Sitearm Madonna)
DIT inquiries / registrations: Claudia Igbrude (SL: Locks Aichi)

Highlights from recent graduating class here