Team Building and Collaboration Online 18-Feb-2021

Team Building and Collaboration Online 18-Feb-2021
Technological University Dublin

Presentations – Update

Update: Presentation recordings are now available on YouTube at these links:
“Hybrid Tech” – (timestamp 1:05)
“Worlds Collide” – (timestamp 9:38)


I will be giving and participating in two presentations this weekend at the annual OpenSimulator Community Conference. Schedule and registration information are at the links below. The presentations will be streamed on YouTube.

Hybrid Tech “how do I reach thee let me count the ways…” “Hybrid Tech” means combining tools in optimal ways by playing to their strengths and mediating to their weaknesses, relative to the use at hand. In this session hybrid tech will be demonstrated via presenter narrative and audience participation using laptop and mobile devices to access Augmented Reality, Web 2.0, and Web3D applications and environments, all from within the OpenSimulator environment. Saturday, December 5th, 8:00am-8:30am PACIFIC

Cross-College Cross-Pollen “when professional and virtual worlds collide…” Can undergraduate instructors and students in different areas of practice cooperate online to instill cross-disciplinary communication skills at the same time as they more effectively teach and learn their own subject matter? College students from Montana State University Billings and Peninsula College Washington State were brought together by their instructors, online, in an authentic industry modeling scenario where a consultant group is hired by a corporation to improve performance, based on discussion with subject matter experts and studying work processes. Operator and Designer students came together to focus on A) Effective visual communication cues in a dangerous operating environment, and B) Learning to communicate professionally across technical specialties. Sunday, December 6th, 4:30pm-5:00pm PACIFIC

Hybrid Tech Poster

IOLE SL Persona Theory & Team Roles Highlight Movie

Formal training in team operations methods and principles

ISTE VEN VIRBELA Conference Impressions

Attended the Virtual Environments Networking conference held 29-Feb-2020 in the VirBELA Open Campus and was impressed with the content and the venue. Content focus was virtual reality technology used for K-12, University, and Workplace learning.

This is the first time I’ve seen Open Campus in a live fire conferencing exercise. Early in the presentation schedule my browser pinged and I found that one of the other attendees had checked my LinkedIn profile. I returned the compliment and sent a connect invite. I mentioned this in voice during a conference break and before you knew it there was a flurry of LI connects going off all over the place.

VirBELA venue information is available from the VirBELA Open Campus page. Our venue host was Natalia.

Conference organizer information is available from the About ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and VEN (Virtual Environment Network) pages. My conference organizer contact was Spiff.

Presenter biographies, materials links, and videos of the presentations are available from the VEN Conference Schedule page.

Conferencing viewpoint. Simple UI and Avatars. Chat in text, talk in voice. Trade information and links like mad.

Screen zoom viewpoint. Voice, visuals, and videos are clear. Pull quote: “People in VR don’t know about VW.”