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IOLE SL Persona Theory & Team Roles Highlight Movie

Formal training in team operations methods and principles

ISTE VEN VIRBELA Conference Impressions

Attended the Virtual Environments Networking conference held 29-Feb-2020 in the VirBELA Open Campus and was impressed with the content and the venue. Content focus was virtual reality technology used for K-12, University, and Workplace learning.

This is the first time I’ve seen Open Campus in a live fire conferencing exercise. Early in the presentation schedule my browser pinged and I found that one of the other attendees had checked my LinkedIn profile. I returned the compliment and sent a connect invite. I mentioned this in voice during a conference break and before you knew it there was a flurry of LI connects going off all over the place.

VirBELA venue information is available from the VirBELA Open Campus page. Our venue host was Natalia.

Conference organizer information is available from the About ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and VEN (Virtual Environment Network) pages. My conference organizer contact was Spiff.

Presenter biographies, materials links, and videos of the presentations are available from the VEN Conference Schedule page.

Conferencing viewpoint. Simple UI and Avatars. Chat in text, talk in voice. Trade information and links like mad.

Screen zoom viewpoint. Voice, visuals, and videos are clear. Pull quote: “People in VR don’t know about VW.”

IOLE Class Presentations Autumn 2019

Attended the Autumn 2019 class presentations of Technological University Dublin’s Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough? course taught in Second Life®.

Four teams presented on various aspects of the topic Future Work. To reach this objective they were required to work collaboratively online, including the difficulty of arranging to meet, the challenge of holding useful discussion, dividing the workload and so on.

The course is challenging—take a look at the expected outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
. Access online communities and virtual environments.
. Employ your own online virtual identity.
. Manage the reputation of your personal brand.
. Engage collaboratively in a cross-cultural online environment.
. Identify appropriate online tools to facilitate and enhance online communication.
. Explain how convention and regulation underpin successful virtual communities.
. Create original online content.
. Differentiate between personal gain and professional responsibility.

You can read a summary at https://virtualenvironmentsmodule.com/

Technological University Dublin’s Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough? classroom in Second Life ®.
Collaborative team presentations on Future Work. Yes, one team presents as dog🐕 avatars—their blogs explain why😊.

Partnership Team Building Autumn 2019

Partnership Team Building Autumn 2019 documents the presentation given 10-Oct-2019 as part of Technological University Dublin’s Virtual Environments: Is One Life Enough? credit-bearing course taught twice yearly at its Second Life campus.