A Very Secret Service (Netflix) – a very brief review

a very secret serviceA Very Secret Service is a new “Netflix Originals” release. About one in twenty Netflix Originals appeal to me and A Very Secret Service is one of them. I am on Season 1 (of 1) Episode 7 (of 12) and will soon be done. I hope another season will be in the works.

The series is French produced – studio, language (English Subtitles available), actors – and takes place in the 1960’s – De Gaulle, Algiers. It’s a tongue in cheek parody as a young man is recruited into “the service of la France!” with wacky secret agent mentors including agent provocateurs, a femme fatale, and bureaucratic old guard management. It’s reminiscent to me of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (secret agent parody) plus Are You Being Served (goofy character ensemble) plus early 007 Bond (assassinations, a bit of dark, Miss Moneypenny). To this it adds spoofs à la française – cigarettes, colonialism, cabarets, and théâtre de l’absurde.

Wikipedia Article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Very_Secret_Service
Image Credit: http://www.welkeserie.nl/netflix/item/506-a-very-secret-service.html


Ongoing Episodes Bias – Dallas and Foreigner

Years ago I *started* to watch a 1978 TV series called "Dallas" (or a 1981 TV series called "Falcon Crest"? hmm) but I abandoned it (or it) when I realized it (or it) would just go on and on and on without end.

Years ago I started to read and *continue* to read 1994 Speculative Fiction series called "Foreigner Universe" that *amazingly* continues to this day.

Why? Because "Foreigner" begins each episode/novel/arc with a situation and ends each novel with a happy resolution.

Dallas ran 13 years/394 episodes. Foreigner is running 22 years/17 novels and counting.

I am sure they are both good however I admit I am biased for Foreigner *sigh* please choose your own preference!









Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – a brief review

essie davisMiss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – a brief review

Available on Netflix, "Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries," is a sort of Australian version of the "Avengers" TV series, where Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) plays Mrs. Peel (Diana Rigg) to Detective Inspector John "Jack" Robinson (Nathan Page) as John Steed (Patrick McNee). Here it is Jack who is already married (though both Emma’s and Jack’s spouses remain forever off-screen,) so that Jack and Phryne’s personal relationship remains strictly professional  (Series 1 Episode 2: "A marriage is still a marriage, Miss Fisher" "Especially to a man of honor.")

The time period is 1920’s vs. 1960’s and the treatment is more “serious with occasional fluff” (ala Hercule Poirot TV series) vs. “refusal to take too seriously with campy exaggeration” (details, details). But both Miss Fisher and Avengers charm through strong dual leads (differential expertise balanced with respect and affection) and entertaining, period-related plot issues.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

The Avengers (TV series)

Fargo: Is everything OK? Yeah!

Fargo Is everything OK YeahOften cited as a “cult” movie, 1987’s “Fargo” won two academy awards for best actress (Frances McDormand) and best screenplay (Joel and Ethan Coen).

The Minnesotan “yah” accents and agreeable nodding were purposefully exaggerated, yet still endear.

Fargo is also cited as “dark comedy” and “new noir.” It artistically makes one reflect anew at the intermittent banality of life. The film stands as a wonderful American version of international cultural stereotypical films such as, say “_.”

Available on DVD, Netflix and other services.

Synopsis (Wikipedia)

Fargo Woodchopper Finale

Why I Love “Get Shorty” starring Travolta and Russo

get shorty screen shot john and reneJohn Travolta is ultra-cool in this film treatment of Elmore Leonard’s novel. Travolta is “Chile Palmer,” a Miami loan shark who decides to become a Los Angeles movie producer. He partners with Rene Russo, who is hot and cool as “Karen Flores,” a former B list horror flick actress who wants to be a producer as well. Together they enroll Danny DeVito, who is “Martin Weil,” a marvelous send-up of A list actors who wants to learn and perform Chile’s trademark “Shylock Look.” All move ahead as Chile deals with bad guys past and present.

The film is quirky, fast-moving, and surprising like the novel. And the good guys and gals prevail at the end, as well they should. Much fun (86% positive on Rotten Tomatoes)!

Available on NetFlix and other:

Get Shorty (film) (1995)

Get Shorty (1990)

Dangerous Ishhq – A brief review

Dangerous_Ishhq_PosterIndia Kharma Soap Opera… it’s all good

The beautiful supermodel Sanjana turns out to be a reincarnated maid who seeks to reunite with her true love in every lifetime, thwarted until now by an unwanted would-be second boyfriend. She’s beautiful, of course, and it’s very very dramatic with multiple ages and periods and costumes. Always love a happy ending…


Kahaani – A brief review

KahaaniPosterA thriller… absolutely. Hint: nothing is what it seems.

Absolutely fabulous: being in India, in the big city… not used to Indian culture… language includes Hindi (with subtitles) and English and more. And a fabulous (remember the root of that word is “fable”) plot.

Highly Recommended… you’ll never think India’s movie culture is [only] Bollywood anymore.


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