“Atelier” Contemporary Japanese TV Series – A Brief First Review

AtelierNow watching, hooked on “Atelier” Contemporary Japanese TV Series, aired 2015, available on Netflix as of 19-Apr-2018.

“Atelier” means workshop or studio and in this case it is about lingerie* designed and produced to individual customer order. Seriously.

Our young, recent-university-graduate protagonist adores textiles and human curves, and goes to work for Emotion Lingerie. Where she learns a lot plus coming of age plus .. well ..

At first I thought this might be a Japanese version of “The Devil Wears Prada” but from there it goes way beyond. Our heroine is no wimp! Nor is her boss  : )  No spoilers here!

*I apologize** for images of underwear designs and underwear models in this drama – Shazai shimasu! 謝罪します!

**But not very much – Shikashi sorehodo ōku wanai!  しかしそれほど多くはない!



Misaeng – Theme Tone Phrases



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F4# ..


Misaeng – Contemporary South Korean TV Series Initial Brief Review

MisaengBear with me .. you already know how I feel about blah blah production values, blah blah actors and actresses, blah blah unpredictable story arcs .. AND ..

this one I identify with SO much it would almost hurt – working for a corporation, sublimating your ideals to boss’s, striving hard for your ideals .. and, well ..

it’s just that good, imho, so far .. stay tuned !


집에 오십시오!


Welcome Home!



Oh My Ghost South Korean TV Series 2015 – A Brief Review

oh my ghostI am now entranced with a contemporary South Korean TV series called “Oh My Ghost.” My mantra continues: high production values, cute female and male characters young and old, setting in a different culture, Korean audio with English subtitles, romance-comedy-drama-supernatural all-in-one, good and bad characters and wouldn’t you like to try to guess which are which, and a plot I can’t predict better than 40-60 or 20-80.

After several such TV series I was curious enough to research this on the web and discovered these kinds of shows a) are part of what is called the South Korean Wave, b) are popular all over the world, and c) exist in such variety that they appeal to multiple different audiences.

In this series the family values and the supernatural are blended with food and cooking – no plot spoilers here, however!

Available on Netflix as of 31-Mar-2018


Million Yen Women A Brief Review

million yen women

“Thanks to these women, my life will change a lot.” Shin Michima, protagonist and narrator

I am really enjoying this Japanese mystery-romance-comedy-drama, manga-to-TV series, where yet again I have no idea where the plot is going and am again beguiled by a) high production values, b) excellent character actors and actresses, young and old, male and female, c) clever writing, and d) glimpses of an eastern culture and lifestyle filtered slightly through a western influence. No plot spoilers here!

Japanese language with English, Japanese, Chinese subtitles.

Available on Netflix as of 25-Mar-2018


Man X Man South Korean TV Series 2017 – A Quick First Review

man x manMan X Man South Korean TV Series 2017 available on Netflix as of 17-Mar-2018 – I am so far on S1-E3 (Season 1 – Episode 3) and enjoying it.

On top of the usual high-production values plus attractive and skilled lead and side-kick actors plus actresses, the plot premise is unfamiliar and intriguing – I can not yet tell where it is going.

Humor, action, pending romance, bad guys looming – all included.

P.S. Language Korean, Subtitles English, French, Chinese, Spanish

Wikipedia Article

A Man Called God South Korean TV Series – A Further Brief Review

a man called god

I stand by my first assertion that the A Man Called God South Korean TV Series is “007 in East Asian guise” but .. I have to admit it has further .. nuances and nods to other cultural media. The Saint, for one.

Some of the scenes are shot on tape not film, which gives a distinct daytime soap opera hue. Then they flip back to film so back to a typical adventure series visual tone.

There is a lot of eye candy, both men and women, young and old. TV Tropes terms are Bishōnen (beautiful boy) and Bishoujo (pretty girl) from Japanese anime. But there are also tropes for distinguished older businessmen, younger male thugs (who all deserve to be slapped), cute older moms and take-no-prisoners action girls. o_O.

I find myself empathizing with some of the baddies even as I rub my hands gleefully at their well-deserved comeuppances, which happen regularly enough to keep me engaged. I am only up to episode of 7 of 24.

Another fun thing is trying to guess who is going to end up with whom, romance-wise, and who is related to whom, family-wise. Also, who is going to end up OK and who is going to end up in (well-deserved) tears.

I think I am channeling Chiun, Master of Sinanju, who became infamously addicted to soap operas. o_O In the meantime I am having fun.

A Man Called God available on Netflix as of 27-Feb-2018

image credit: sammartz

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