Sitearm’s 3D in Music Interactive Orchestra Kits

Sitearm's 3D in Music Orchestra Kits
Sound Inside!
Step inside to hear them. 
Colored objects are click-playable. 
Create your own!

“Sitearm’s 3D in Music Interactive Orchestra Kits”
This Second Life 19th Birthday exhibit shares the joy of speaking musically. Immerse yourself in visuals and clickables and extend your musical vocabulary! For those who enjoy and create. Opens June 16th through July 5th.


  • Demo custom pitch scales for those creating musical experiences
  • Demo interactive 3-D for those working with virtual environment apps
  • Demo cross-dimensional thinking and hybrid tech for those addressing daunting challenges
  • Demo teamwork and collaboration for those leading and working in groups
  • Demo fundamentals of music theory for those extending mastery in arts


before I began working in 3d online I was a systems analyst for an oil company
my music was in school as a side activity
I learned to play but not the theory of how to compose
so I decided to learn how to compose but also to do it in new ways so that the music I made could be new to me

this exhibit looks different from the sides and back
only the 3d parts are visible
it is vision plus sound plus mind :)
you have to come inside to see the mind

see the moving dots –
this is an experiment
it is visual of the music you have been playing on the right
in my vocabulary the purple is the cadence (energy) and the green is the backbone (structure)
for me vision and sound go together

these piano notes are only a few seconds
the parts of the composition are 7 seconds long each
there is a link to the full composition played in youtube, at the top top top left of that display
here I put 19 seconds of it in three parts

when many people play it comes from different directions and volumes
I have had groups come and play all together
who don’t “do” music but enjoyed it

speaking in music
without words
although… we still add words :)

because of custom keyboard
the colored cubes are programmed musical scales

Borderlands One and Shift One Suite SCORE

Borderlands One and Shift One Suite SCORE
from the Composing in Vision and Sound Series
(monotonic)(cs13 C2332r 557)(cs14 Ab3443r 557)(cs15 C2552j 557)

Beep Beep Boop

the keyboard sends signals to the computer (via white cable); the computer sends sounds to the headphones (via black cable); the player (not shown) twiddles knobs and listens to results and also reads manuals; somewhere in there, music happens

doors to beyond await us let them in two-part suite

doors to beyond await us (score)
let them in (score)
doors to beyond await us (animated)
let them in (animated)

Lines of Demarcation

Lines of Demarcation from the Composing in Motion Series

Lines of Demarcation Part One pp03 C2772 556 ANIMATION
Lines of Demarcation Part Two pp05 3443 558 ANIMATION