Extended Metaverse Workshop in Zoom

VIDEO W. SLIDES Extended Metaverse Workshop in Zoom
This presentation gives multiple operational definitions of the metaverse to adapt and use for your areas of interest and practice.
from the Composing in New Realms Series

video courtesy AvaCon

FULL SLIDES AND SPEAKER NOTES https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1qs9DNQysArk8Pp2q5YoQdapkCDojcNkPCvJNjgSznhQ/edit?usp=drivesdk

ISHEVR One – institute for the study of human expression in virtual reality – the evolving ecosystem of connected apps that is the metaverse

What Is Marketing in the Digital Age?

Marketing in the Digital Age

Virtual economies differentiate in lower costs to replicate, store, and distribute digital products, compared to physical economies.

Virtual brand marketing creates loyal inworld consumers, who buy and use products and services entirely within the virtual environment.

10% of the world’s adult population already use 3-D metaverse platforms.

Physical brand marketing is moving into the virtual environment.

Virtual brand currency is moving into the physical environment.

There are two virtual economy digital marketing approaches in play:

Model 1: Create, sell, and buy virtual products and services within the virtual world – periodically cash out inworld fiat currency earnings to real world currency

Model 2: Create virtual products and services within the virtual world, then advertise them in the real world to create and promote real world interest and sales

References: Metaverse Economics Slide 7

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