Genderism – the ultimate cultural stereotype

krishna gender imageThe claim that biological sex differences are decisive for important matters other than reproduction is doubtful. Instead of Women’s Lib or Men’s Lib, we need Human’s Lib. 

gen·der·ism, noun, (from Latin gener-, genus birth, race, kind, class + Greek ismos act, practice, or process; state, condition, or property) 1. a : the assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological sex and that sexes differ decisively from one another – usually coupled with a belief in the inherent superiority of a particular sex and its right to domination over others Read the rest of this entry »


Seeing the elephant


I’ve got my black powder musket primed and my saddle bags packed. Wish us luck!

When I first heard the phrase, “seeing the elephant,” I understood it to mean a person gone to war and back, a survivor, and a seasoned one at that.

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Response to Linden Lab Focus Change Announcement

starbucks large cutout hysteresis

“You can’t use truth – truth uses you.”

In this case, the truth is that lab revenue comes from tier – something like 3 million USD/month, plus a small but pure profit contribution from Lindex. Corporate purchases of sims are a drop in the lab revenue bucket compared to the multiple 50+ sim operations running land rentals, which operations are owned by residents and resident-owned small companies.

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Generational Mash Up in Culture Space (Or: How My Daughter Changed My Music Appreciation)

fergie image This multi-generational thing in work and culture space is turning out OK – the old and new have more in common than we think!

I recently wrote about “generational differences in the work place.” The point was that there are FOUR different generations now at work, often sitting right next to each other. This makes for an interesting variety in motivation, recognition, and management.

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Community, Art, Spirit – The Eternal Conversations

eternal conversation braid rotate crop flip

It will begin to free you.

I took a seminar where we considered “people as conversations.”

Premise: People, beyond having meat bodies and hardwired brains, are beings shaped by language, abstract concepts, and cultural evolution. People are conversations: coherent collections of language statements, both self programmed and influenced by others (“Look both ways!” “Don’t touch that!” “Watch out!” “Study hard!).”

While “meat bodies and hardwired brains” are limited in their ability to change, conversations, by contrast, can be very malleable. We can “rub off on each other” just by talking and hearing. This is how we influence others and are influenced ourselves.

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Team Tools – Introduction

team tools image A starter set of contemporary principles, ground rules, and tools for teams to work together more effectively and more enjoyably. Read the rest of this entry »

The Nine Team Roles

belbin_image Coordinator – Should be best person to co-ordinate group effort; ensure that everyone has a useful role and team works towards common and agreed goal.

Shaper – Should be person best suited to overcome obstacles and opposition; create a sense of urgency and ensure that talk is turned into worthwhile action.

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