Our egos on some lathe are turning
around some grand hub stationary.
They’re being polished at its rim,
each trip around an act of will.
While surface thoughts can seem unknowing,
each cycle builds our inner body.



Back then I had epiphany
I had moved near the town of Newark
What choice have I, I asked myself
While pacing deep around the lake
The township of Parsippany
Oho, said I, I have to work

In Memoriam

“In Memoriam”

The once lit light is off the map.
Another soul has left this Earth.
The time spent with them is all gone.
And only memories remain.
Shall I say done, it is a wrap.
Or stay and further things discover.

Old Age

“Old Age”

Sole nourishment by memory
is not an optimal solution
despite how much we’ve grown in this life.
We’re better off to keep on going
for growing soul’s identity
is work that’s ever just begun.



Like looking at developed landscapes,
whose geologic forms beneath,
can still be seen in remnant outline;

observing our adult behaviors,
we too can see those feeling shapes
invoked to meet our infant need.