Compassionate Understanding Sestet (Gorge)

The borderlands of dark and light
we range along with our perception
encountering the challenges
of grace and love and grief and woe.
As riders strong it is our birthright
to learn thereby a fierce aplomb.


Partnership Sestet (Dwelling People)

We start the journey with our parents
for nurturing and first direction.
With rivals then we push and pull,
developing our skills and muscle.
Our idols help our dreams express.
And allies bring them to creation.

05-Dec-2017 / 21-Jul-2019

Connecting Sestet (Returning)

The once lit light is off the map.
Another soul has left this Earth.
The time spent with them is all gone.
And only memories remain.
Shall I say done, it is a wrap.
Or stay and further things discover.


Emotion Sestet (Field)

From feeling’s silent mystery
emerges force we can’t control
through naive effort of the mind.
An intuition must be grown
from which both viewpoints can be seen
to give them work as balanced whole.


Seduction Sestet (Not Yet Fording)

There is a kind of true seduction
that, unlike lies, does help us grow.
To see the contrast is a challenge.
For how, when young, are we to tell?
We find ourselves far gleams pursuing.
By our results we come to know.