Connecting Sestet (Returning)

The once lit light is off the map.
Another soul has left this Earth.
The time spent with them is all gone.
And only memories remain.
Shall I say done, it is a wrap.
Or stay and further things discover.


Emotion Sestet (Field)

From feeling’s silent mystery
emerges force we can’t control
through naive effort of the mind.
An intuition must be grown
from which both viewpoints can be seen
to give them work as balanced whole.


Seduction Sestet (Not Yet Fording)

There is a kind of true seduction
that, unlike lies, does help us grow.
To see the contrast is a challenge.
For how, when young, are we to tell?
We find ourselves far gleams pursuing.
By our results we come to know.


Small Accumulating Sestet

The forces of the world surround us,
their range beyond our understanding,
not subject to direct control.
Sometimes their sway we can influence,
aware intent applied as harness,
to make small changes in their heading.


Returning Sestet

I have two homes in which I work.
Between them daily I commute.
One’s in the sky, the other earth.
Each time I change I leave a note.
It helps, when back, my pace ensure.
And keeps me focused on my purview.


Darkening of the Light Sestet

Within our mental universe
we feel we know what’s wrong and right
and thereby judge what’s true in life.
But certain rules we’d best keep secret
else cause reaction most adverse—
a wise and thoughtful act of foresight.


Skinning Sestet

The voids within, the voids without,
confront our soul with fields of terror—
but fertile for our psychic nature.
In being stripped of old delusion,
we find a core of courage stout
and are renewed to journey further.