Direction Too

“Direction Too”

The physics and the martial arts
I studied hard to find direction.
They satisfied up to those points
at which I ran into hard limits.
And though since then I’ve added new parts
the things to learn will never end.



A spark was lit, a fuse set burning,
a timer set, when we were born—
a kind of telomeric pressure.
Like sailors old in vessels fragile,
we’ve set our course to go a viking
and at the end see what we’ve learned.



Events that clearly caused disruption,
I often saw as I grew older,
like war and strife and competition.
Now something, somehow, hints to me,
that seeming discord is illusion.
All things in harmony occur.

Without Embroiling

‘Without Embroiling”

The way I used to watch the news shows
was giving too much stimulation:
my inner calm gave way to raging,
peace lost to storied tension traps.
In order that these not impose,
I switched to poise to not get caught in.



The earthworm eating dirt enriches,
while tunneling deep in the earth,
through biologics in its gut.
A point awareness in the dark,
we too in nonentropic ways
the world around us reconfigure.