It’s strangely true my memory
is stronger of my mom than dad.

He left us all when I was six,
including too my little sister.

It scared me when my mom broke free
but power was what was intended.

Perspectives and Distances

One of the problems with growing older is that one becomes less and less inclined to try to offer counsel and/or advice.

This is not so much because one’s experience is not valuable, but rather, that each generation continues to need to learn on its own, as did ours.

Nevertheless, social evolution has been proved to be as much, or more, an just as effective device, as physiological evolution.

This means all and any of us must continue to take counsel in both our individual and group experiences.

Getting Your Feet Wet Building In Mesh by Larry Havenstein VIDEO

kstate mesh building video screen shotThe ability now exists to make objects for Second Life® in various mesh modeling tools like Sketchup, Sculptris, Blender, 3DsMax, or most any other program that can make mesh shapes, buildings or clothing.

This video will give you the basics of this method of making Second Life items using the simplest free 3D modeling tools for the true beginner to mesh modeling.

text, video courtesy: Larry Havenstein
Department of Communications
Kansas State University


SLCC 2011 Selected Presentations MESH–VIDEO

mesh screenshotThese presentations are of particular relevance with today’s activation [23-Aug-2011] of Second Life Mesh Import.

The Future of Mesh in Second Life

Charlar Linden and Nyx Linden present an overview of Mesh import and what it can do for content creation, building, sharing, and selling in Second Life.

Charlie Hite (SL: Charlar Linden) has led efforts to develop and launch the Mesh project at Linden Lab. Charlie’s previous software experience is in a wide range of industries including; Visual Effects, Animation, Enterprise, Web, Online Games, Console Games and Finance. His work at Linden Lab seems to encompass absolutely all of his previous experience.


Getting your Feet Wet Building in Mesh

This is a newbies introduction on how to use free or OpenSource tools to make Mesh Objects. Examples of simpler tools and how to get them to work with Second Life’s Mesh Importer.

Larry Havenstein (SL: Thadicus Caligari) has been involved in Second Life since 2003. Larry has real life work involvement supporting Kansas State University and USDA eXtension projects in Second Life. He is an active builder in Second Life.

VIDEO: http://www.ksre.ksu.edu/techweb/p.aspx?tabid=805

SLCC 2011 Commerce & Marketing Track VIDEOS

slcc 2011 commerce & marketing presentation summary screen shotAre you Creative? Business-like? Technical? Are you Philanthropic? Profit-oriented? Are you an Activist for social change?

Did you know that the most successful communities in the world … with the highest talent, the highest tech, the highest quality of life … also have the highest tolerance for all these temperaments?

Find out more by scanning these Commerce & Marketing Track presentations, fresh from the Second Life Community Convention, just completed.

Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game
Capital Exchange is the largest stock market simulation game operating within Second Life®. Carmen Dubaldi (SL: Skip Oceanlane) has been the CEO of Capital Exchange since January 15, 2011, and trading on Second Life stock exchanges since 2011.
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16618205
SLIDES: SLCC 2011 – Capital Exchange Stock Market Simulation Game by Carmen Dubaldi – SL Skip Oceanlane

Destination Guide & Beyond: New SL Promotional Channels Today
How to let people know about your amazing SL venues and events. Changes to the Second Life Viewer and Second Life Web Site that can help any venue expand its audience. Brett Atwood (SL: Brett Linden) writes copy for the various Linden Lab Web properties and is responsible for the daily oversight of the Destination Guide.
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16619437
SLIDES: SLCC 2011 – Destination Guide and Beyond New SL Promotional Channels Today – by Brett Atwood – S

Solution Provider Roundtable
Discussion of changes affecting the Solution Provider scene and predictions for the coming year. Kimberly Rufer-Bach (SL: Kim Anubis) is owner, The Magicians and author, The Second Life Grid: The Official Guide to Communication, Collaboration, and Community Engagement.
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16622653

Choosing the Right Virtual World for the Right Project
Criteria for deciding upon which virtual world is right for your project. Ron T. Blechner (SL: Hiro Pendragon) is a professional virtual worlds expert, having worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions since January 2006.
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16624008

The Future of Commerce in Second Life
Practical SL Marketplace and SL Linden Exchange steps being taken by Linden Lab to grow the Second Life economy and serve SL businesses and service providers. Jeff Vogt (SL: Vogt Linden) is Senior Director, Business Product at Linden Lab.
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16643492
SLIDES: SLCC 2011 – The Future of Commerce in Second Life by Jeff Vogt – SL Vogt Linden

The Creative Economy in Second Life, Of Cyber Mega-Regions And The Three T’s
This presentation applies new economic insights from the Real World to Second Life, using the research of economic development expert, Richard Florida. James Neville (SL: Sitearm Madonna) is Strategist and Expediter for Virtual Worlds Projects in Business, Music, Tourism, Arts. Showcase projects include Dublin Virtually Live.
VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/28561921
SLIDES: Sitearm – The Creative Economy in Second Life; of Cyber Mega Regions and the Three T’s

How Non-Profits & SL Businesses Can Work Together
How the American Cancer Society‘s Relay For Life works with SL Businesses for a mutually beneficial relationship. Jeffrey Montegut (SL: Stingray9798 Rayma) works for the American Cancer Society (ACS) in the Interactive & New Media Department. He has served as the Director of Second Life activity for the ACS since 2008.
SLIDES: SLCC 2011 – How SL Businesses and Non-Profits Work Together for a Mutually Beneficial Relationsh

Authentic Avatar Brand: Build Trust Through Your Virtual Presence
How to create a virtual visual representation that expresses you and differentiates you, your cause, and your business from other avatars. Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond (SL: Zinnia Zauber) is artist, instructor, and superhero promoting the importance of creative education and community participation in the arts, marketing, and networking
VIDEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/16651334
SLIDES: authentic-avatar-brand-build-trust-through-your-virtual-presence