Partnership Sestet (Dwelling People)

We start the journey with our parents
for nurturing and first direction.
With rivals then we push and pull,
developing our skills and muscle.
Our idols help us dreams express.
Our allies bring them to creation.



Anatomy Sestet (Great Accumulating)

An epithelial horizon
distinguishes what’s in and out
with reference to our physiques.
This is attractively simplistic
and gives a useful intuition
about the bodies we inhabit.


The Other Sestet (Obstruction)

Constrained at birth by our dependence
on being cared for by our mothers
we cultivated their approvals
yet sought when older to be free.
But now we see through this pretence.
We all have human debt incurred.


Baby’s First Emotions Sestet (Bound)

Ejected from womb’s warm dark pleasure
to nature’s bright and painful cold
we grimly scream our discontent.
And thus begins our first life’s lesson—
in order stasis to preserve
associate the new and old.


Early Emotions Sestet (Sojourning)

Like looking at developed landscapes
whose geologic forms beneath
can still be seen in remnant outline.
Observing our adult behaviors
we too can see those feeling shapes
invoked to meet our infant need.


Me Too Sestet (Prospering)

Collusion in put downs is not based on gender,
but rather on bullies on both sides of sex.
As long as they gather what to them is coming,
the system as currently run is just fine.
It’s only just lately their lying’s exposed.
But never you worry, they’ll hide it again.


Emotion Sestet (Field)

From feeling’s silent mystery
emerges force we can’t control
through naive effort of the mind.
An intuition must be grown
from which both viewpoints can be seen
to give them work as balanced whole.


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