Altered Carbon – A Brief Review

altered carbon screen shotAltered Carbon strikes me as a contemporary, stylistic, sci-fi, film noir thriller. There is no spoiler here except to say that after a 10-episode, 2-week, roller-coaster ride, up down left right, I liked it.

The first season is on Netflix as of 18-Feb-2018.

Full disclosure: I am a long-time sci-fi, mystery, cyberpunk fiction fan– including TV series Bones and Agents of SHIELD.


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Completion Sestet (Clustering)

Life’s cosmic song includes some calls
that vibrate deep-set chords within us.
In time those transients pass over
that leave behind as standing waves
the values, worths, and principles
we carry forward to our deaths.


Existential Sestet (Articulating)

The trouble is when we break free
through having rambled philosophic
to leave the ground and float in space
and chart new points of reference
when we return life may seem crazy
our new perspective’s too exotic.


Reflection Sestet (Leading)

Each time we call on memories
we further etch their graven lines.
In doing so we both abrade
and build up stored material.
These combinations build the stories
that constitute our self designs.


Values Sestet (Nearing)

We learn to hear the intervals
through sensing gaps both far and near—
how some are music, others not
then storing them on our insides
and choosing those for our renewals
to guide forthwith our new behavior.


Archives Sestet (Shake)

We find these ancient images
with notes from their historians
to document their circumstances
from lo these many years ago
and then we see that they are us—
our early selves till now forgotten.


Compassionate Understanding Sestet (Gorge)

The borderlands of dark and light
we range along with our perception
encountering the challenges
of grace and love and grief and woe.
As riders strong it is our birthright
to learn thereby a fierce aplomb.


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