Transformations in C Am F G E

Strobe Sestet (Taking Apart)

I sense a worldly basal pulse
As beingness flicks off and on
The empty troughs of nonexistence
Imply in turn what we can see
Our consciousness extends in ripples
With nothingness we reach beyond


IPA Sestet (Great Invigorating)

The world’s phonetic alphabet
Is used to sounds delineate
As found in humankind oration
And gathered by linguistic scholars
It matters not where we inhabit
They’ll by our accent soon us locate


Soliloquy Sestet (Converting the Maiden)

The sambas of the bittersweet
Help shape key moments in our lives
Through syncopated changing rhythms
And mixing major minor chords
We find our true grit in the offbeats
And others like us as our allies


C-PTSD Sestet (Retiring)

That post-traumatic stress disorder
Applies to life experiences
Beyond those of returning soldiers
Is what the latest theorists tell us
Some childhood traumas can recur
Until successfully addressed


Tonal Language Sestet (Adorning)

The pros and cons of music scoring
Are evident for all to see.
For simple chanting, marks sufficed
Until polyphony was added
And changing keys made us rethink
To let us set a newfound glory.


Borders Poem (Quatrain w. Tones)

,- ,- ,-,
No matter how unbounded
A2# C3 A2# C3 A2# D3 G2
,- ,- ,-
We think the world may be
A2# C3 A2# C3 A2# D3
,- ,- ,-,
We run into the edges
A2# C3 A2# C3 A2# D3 G2
,- ,- ,-
That limit what we see
A2# A2 G2 G2# A2 G2