Team Roles

“Team Roles”

Some fusions last and others end,
some mergers work and others don’t.
What might be guarantees sufficient
for higher chances of success?
Some pundits say odds best are reckoned
by looking at the blends of talent.



We find these ancient images
with notes from their historians
to document their circumstances
from lo these many years ago
and then we see that they are us—
our early selves till now forgotten.



Sometimes it’s wise to play with fire
and other times to withdraw quickly.
There is a knack to sensing pressure
and when the flows are safely working.
From this we gain a higher stature
by learning dangers to foresee.

doors to beyond await us let them in two-part suite

doors to beyond await us (score)
let them in (score)
doors to beyond await us (animated)
let them in (animated)



We love to see things put in order,
especially when done with grace.
Great skills inherently attract.
But even though they are efficient,
don’t let admiring go too far.
To over do would be pernicious.