Asleep, I dreamed of basements empty,
where once my granddads and grandmoms
had put their workshops and their laundries.

In play and work they there engaged in,
but since moved on rather than tarry,
to give us space in which to build on.



Those times in which our powers flicker,
like candles fading in the darkness,
we are required to find renewal,
and realign our steadfast questing.
Each time these storms of soul occur,
it tests our powers of duress.



Of varied feelings in our lives,
we hope for pains to come less often,
preferring pleasures in their stead.
But like our blood, charged by our breathing,
emotion flow comes without bias,
and our aliveness helps sustain.



Back then I had epiphany
I had moved near the town of Newark
What choice have I, I asked myself
While pacing deep around the lake
The township of Parsippany
Oho, said I, I have to work



It’s strangely true my memory
is stronger of my mom than dad.

He left us all when I was six,
including too my little sister.

It scared me when my mom broke free
but power was what was intended.