Sometimes it’s wise to play with fire
and other times to withdraw quickly.
There is a knack to sensing pressure
and when the flows are safely working.
From this we gain a higher stature
by learning dangers to foresee.

doors to beyond await us let them in two-part suite

doors to beyond await us (score)
let them in (score)
doors to beyond await us (animated)
let them in (animated)



We love to see things put in order,
especially when done with grace.
Great skills inherently attract.
But even though they are efficient,
don’t let admiring go too far.
To over do would be pernicious.



Ejected from womb’s warm dark pleasure
to nature’s bright and painful cold
we shrilly scream our discontent.
And thus begins our first life’s lesson—
in order stasis to preserve
adapt at once the new with old.

Return the Favor

“Return the Favor”

Are you the type who aids or hinders
Or one who swims above the ruckus
Have you been hurt and stayed the course
Or gone to ground to lick your wounds
Are you still rapt with this world’s wonders
The pains and joys that would surround us