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ANIMATION World-Systems Nine WS01 F2662 557

Composing in the Hybrid Metaverse

Today I feel that each of us are creators who basically work from some inner impetus that is based, half on memory of the past, and half on some kind of immediate flash forward insight of what might be possible next

When I think of composition I think of arranging, in a pleasing manner, elements perceivable by our senses. These elements include ideas, sounds, colors, flavors, odors, and textures.

When I think of metaverse I think of an evolving ecosystem of physically and digitally connected apps, and in particular I think of apps allowing instant, online, two-way, co-creative collaboration.

In this presentation I will share my experiences composing online in Twitch.

“Composing in the Hybrid Metaverse” LIVE PRESENTATION AND GROUP EXERCISE recorded live March 25 at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2023 Annual Conference speaker: Sitearm Madonna aka James Neville

fragrance word image

“The workshop was full of woody smells—the spiciness of cedar, the richness of oak, the warm tang of plain pine, the fruity sweetness of apple.

text: R Garrett, Muddle of the Woad
image: Simplified, AI Art Generator

Distinguishing what’s not being said…