From birth we’re taught we’re each one person
with natures individuated.

What if instead we’re born entangled,
like photon states bound tight by quantum—

a kind of science of compassion
that says we’re never separate.



How can we know our prime direction…
this question’s simpler than it seems.

We presuppose an inner knowledge.
about the places we want to go to.

The signals’re there for our perception…
they offer us a robust means.



Our conscious wills are like encampments,
besieged by inner drives unconscious…
whose energies we can’t constrain.

Instead we’ll need accommodation
in order ‘union to commence…
and thus our powers coalesce.



The cool of breeze and heat of sun
caress the skin of morning walkers,

whose hips and feet with swaying strutting
and voices in high register,

meld world and self in full expression
and make an instant’s universe.

Key Two

“Key Two”

The pros and cons of music scoring
are evident for all to see.

For chanting, simple marks sufficed…
until polyphony was added.

Then changing keys made us rethink…
and led us to a new found glory.