Life’s cosmic song includes some calls
that vibrate deep-set chords within us.
In time those transients pass over
that leave behind as standing waves
the values, worths, and principles
we carry forward to our deaths.



Suppose there were an integration
of body, mind and soul and spirit.
What do we really know about these?
Of brawn and brain it seems apparent:
that they exist is not in question!
It’s where we can’t touch that we’re tested.

Venn Orbits



We learn to hear the intervals
through sensing gaps both far and near—
how some are music, others not
then storing them on our insides
and choosing those for our renewals
to guide forthwith our new behavior.



How can we know our prime direction?
This question’s harder than it seems.
Who spins those threads? To ask reopens
the chance to make each moment new.
The signal’s there for our perception.
It offers us a robust means.