Joan Henry in the Metaverse

“Joan Henry in the Metaverse”

Joan Henry said to her captain,
“A woman is nothing but a woman,
But before I let your AI beat me down,
I’d die with a keyboard in my hand, Lord, Lord,
I’d die with a keyboard in my hand.”

The woman that invented the AI,
She figured she was mighty high and fine,
But Joan Henry sunk the prose down fourteen feet
While the AI only made nine, Lord, Lord,
The AI only made nine.

Joan Henry keyboarded on the right-hand side.
AI kept driving on the left.
Joan Henry beat that AI down.
But she keyboarded her poor heart to death, Lord, Lord,
She keyboarded her poor heart to death.

“With the computerization required by all current technological innovations, technical progress stopped “protecting” intellectual workers indefinitely from the impacts of deskilling and unemployment that, until now, were essentially limited to manual workers.” (quote by Étienne Balibar)

Extended Metaverse Workshop in Zoom

VIDEO W. SLIDES Extended Metaverse Workshop in Zoom
This presentation gives multiple operational definitions of the metaverse to adapt and use for your areas of interest and practice.
from the Composing in New Realms Series

video courtesy AvaCon


ISHEVR One – institute for the study of human expression in virtual reality – the evolving ecosystem of connected apps that is the metaverse