Completion Sestet (Clustering)

Life’s cosmic song includes some calls
that vibrate deep-set chords within us.
In time those transients pass over
that leave behind as standing waves
the values, worths, and principles
we carry forward to our deaths.



Summary – Harmonic Multiples & Associated Equal Temperament 12-Tone Intervals

what I’ve learned to date ..

Summary – Harmonic Multiples & Associated Equal Temperament 12-Tone Intervals


Appetite Sestet (Gnawing Bite)

What is the role of fiction
in our psychotic lives?
I think it is distraction
from all the daily pains
and boredoms that we shun—
to seek a balanced stasis.


Gunslinger Girl – A Brief Review

gunslinger girlGunslinger Girl 2003 anime season 1 is on Netflix {February – 2018}.

The premise of Gunslinger Girl and style strike me as La Femme Nikita transcribed from France to Italy, with young girls instead of young women trained as government assassins, mentored by their men “handlers”, expressed in anime not film. The imagery, music and scripts are simple and affecting, produced as fixed drawings combined with few moving parts, sound, music richly harmonic, script and character themes and interactions that strike me as simple and affecting. I am half through season 1 and find my attention engaged in the simple story arcs and style. I have no idea if there will be some cataclysmic end but I also know there is a season 2 somewhere. By the way .. yes this is about government assassins and death.

Wikipedia Article Gunslinger Girl
Netflix {as of February-2018} Season 1 Gunslinger Girl
Flixable Image Credit Gunslinger Girl

Existential Sestet (Articulating)

The trouble is when we break free
through having rambled philosophic
to leave the ground and float in space
and chart new points of reference
when we return life may seem crazy
our new perspective’s too exotic.


Dual Sestet (Attending)

The sruti is an interval
one twenty-secondth of an octave
a tonal nuance we can hear
in Hindustani classic music
whose raga variations fuel
the moods to which we are responsive.


Memory Fragment Mosaic Sestet (Grouping)

Back then I had epiphany
I had moved near the town of Newark
What choice have I, I asked myself
While pacing deep around the lake
The township of Parsippany
Oho, said I, I have to work


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