Sagacity Sestet (Small Accumulating)

The power of progressive learning
Sustained by purposeful construction
Allows the chance of mastery
So draws or losses or successes
Are grist for our enhanced perceiving
Implying trails for new instruction



Reset Sestet (Augmenting)

My mother died the year two-thousand
And in my soul I felt quietus
My driving spirit gone astray
It’s been awhile I’ve felt adrift
But now I’m cooking once again
Supported by my inner Venus


Soliloquy Sestet (Converting the Maiden)

The sambas of the bittersweet
Help shape key moments in our lives
Through syncopated changing rhythms
And mixing major minor chords
We find our true grit in the offbeats
And others like us for our allies


Disloyalty Sestet (Viewing)

We speak through our persona daily
We panic when we cannot find it
We count on foreground consciousness
As evidence that we exist
As beings of defined degree
Our boundlessness we won’t admit


CE Corps Sestet (Small Exceeding)

I heard them calling us to dare
and though afraid I raised my hand.
In place I stood, bewildered swaying
Til turned to face eyes lined with lilac.
I did the same us to prepare
We marched at once, a strengthened band.


Stranger Sestet (Center Returning)

Are you the type who aids or hinders
Or one who swims above the ruckus
Have you been hurt and stayed the course
Or gone to ground to lick your wounds
Are you still rapt with this world’s wonders
The pains and joys that would surround us


Hounds of Artemis Sestet (Coupling)

We drive each other to distraction,
although we are by blood related.
But let our mistress set us targets,
we’ll turn as one and spring to action.
And once our coursing has begun,
no prey is safe from our pursuit.


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