Like looking at developed landscapes,
whose geologic forms beneath,
can still be seen in remnant outline;

observing our adult behaviors,
we too can see those feeling shapes
invoked to meet our infant need.

Levels of Audience Reach



The Sphinx was found neck-deep in sand,
Vivaldi’s scores in attic crates.

We love when treasures are reclaimed.
It gives us hope and reassurance

that our works too may live again
and future fame our names await.



We live our lives from start to end
in what appears to be a sequence.

But there’s a moment generating,
beyond the bounds of space and time.

It unfolds forth and does extend
to each and all its full completeness.



From birth we’re taught we’re each one person
with natures individuated.

What if instead we’re born entangled,
like photon states bound tight by quantum—

a kind of science of compassion
that says we’re never separate.