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Virtual Pioneers Tour Village of Restalrig Medieval Scotland 08-Mar-2020

If you haven’t been in Second Life recently (and who hasn’t) you’d be amazed on checking in again at the explosion of themed regions. This one was built single-handed by (looks at notes) Marion Ker Logan (nee NellyMoody Resident) in honor of her mother and heritage.

I usually scoff at roleplay because reasons however the Story Teller had me back to the days of Baba Yaga on looks alone (see first pictures). I also scoffed in advance at being asked in advance to wear period attire which I did anyway because Virtual Pioneers has period attire available gratis at their HQ.

And THEN I saw Cychwynn’s and others’ period attire and was awed and envious. Virtual Pioneers runs a nice program and the region builds, owners, and guides are outstanding.

Story Teller

Main Hall


Water Treatment Plant

Making water potable is not for the faint of heart.