Uranus Moon Sestet (Ground)

When deepest needs meet deepest changes
a need for openness arises
in public life and in the home.
Resultant forces can be jarring
as new behaviors come in stages
and strange new feelings rear their heads.



Discerning Sestet (Welling)

The physics and the martial arts
I studied hard to find direction.
They satisfied up to those points
at which I ran into hard limits.
And though since then I’ve added new parts
the things to learn will never end.


Connecting Sestet (Returning)

The once lit light is off the map.
Another soul has left this Earth.
The time spent with them is all gone.
And only memories remain.
Shall I say done, it is a wrap.
Or stay and further things discover.


Applied Science Sestet (Dispersing)

Truncated cone’s a useful marker
for traffic sign or wind direction,
especially when colored orange.
How curious it works so well—
is it the shape or is it color?
The research’s barely just begun.


Baby’s First Emotions Sestet (Bound)

Ejected from womb’s warm dark pleasure
to nature’s bright and painful cold
we grimly scream our discontent.
And thus begins our first life’s lesson—
in order stasis to preserve
associate the new and old.


Libido Sestet (Providing For)

We men and women need to learn
to not let hormones us control.
This old excuse is past its due date
and now no longer need apply.
Increased autonomy we learn
so genders all develop whole.

21- Nov-2017

Early Emotions Sestet (Sojourning)

Like looking at developed landscapes
whose geologic forms beneath
can still be seen in remnant outline.
Observing our adult behaviors
we too can see those feeling shapes
invoked to meet our infant need.


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