Darkening of the Light Sestet

Within our mental universe
we feel we know what’s wrong and right
and thereby judge what’s true in life.
But certain rules we’d best keep secret
else cause reaction most adverse—
a wise and thoughtful act of foresight.



Swallowing Sestet

The earthworm eating dirt enriches,
while tunneling deep in the earth,
through biologics in its gut.
A point awareness in the dark,
we too in nonentropic ways
the world around us reconfigure.


Infiltrating Sestet

Our conscious wills are like encampments,
besieged by inner drives unconscious
whose energies we can’t constrain.
Instead we’ll need accommodation,
in order union to commence
and thus our powers coalesce.


Dwelling People Sestet

I wanted once to be a hermit.
At times it’s still a good idea.
It does allow one to escape
and get relief from all the drama
and drastic actions thus omit—
for letting rip’s no panacea.


Providing For Sestet

The calcs are made, predictions checked,
and now we sit and idly wait
and hope that they were not for nothing.
But wait, oh joy! Here’s something else,
another outcome to project!
Yet more we can anticipate.


Humbling Sestet

The Sphinx was found neck-deep in sand,
Vivaldi’s scores in attic crates.
We love when treasures are reclaimed.
It gives us hope and reassurance
that our works too may live again
and future fame our names await.


Adorning Sestet

We love to see things put in order,
especially when done with grace.
Great skills inherently attract.
But even though they are efficient,
don’t let admiring go too far.
To over do would be pernicious.


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