Summer near Katy Texas

Summer near Palacios Texas

Summer near Columbus Texas

Where would you go to talk to people who are interested in talking to people – beyond anecdotal extremes?

star-trek-beyond-c1Where would you go to talk to people who are interested in talking to people?

I don’t mean work or hobbies or organized institutions such as churches or clubs or networking or dating I mean.. well.. people of a feather who’d like to talk together?

Something beyond anecdotal extremes?

Unity.. exploring.. disputing.. in a respectful way.. “whither humanity?”

This is a concern among the generations way more than the would-be would like to present – it’s thought, feeling, spirit, more. than any age, gender, race, whatever ism you care to specify – imho ; p

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means & ends modesty cycle

means & ends modesty cycle


scansionScansion: the rhythm of a line of verse






jabberwockyJabberwocky: `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.










1958_Gene_Barry_Bat_MastersonBat Masterson: Back when the west was very young,
There lived a man named Masterson.
He wore a cane and derby hat,
They called him Bat, Bat Masterson.








Scansion: ? mid 17th century
Jabberwocky: 1872 Lewis Carrol:
Bat Masterson: 1958 NBC:

Elizabeth: The Golden age (fiction/fact)

410px-Darnley_stage_3Elizabeth: The Golden age (movie)
On Netflix (subscription required):
Unmarried, i have no master.
Childless, i am mother to my people.
God give me strength to bear this mighty freedom.
I am your queen.

I am myself.
Elizabeth: (facts)
1533-1603: 70 years old
On Wikipedia:




elizabeth again

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