FINAL REPORT – SineSpace Mini User Case Study 28-Apr-2020

…importance of strength of connection, commonality of interests, the “high-touch” of a virtual presence experience mediating the ‘high-tech” issues of a complex technology user interface…

A mini user case study was conducted in April 2020 to explore the question, “What’s needed to be attracted to a virtual world and to stay there afterwards?” The results are relevant to virtual presence platform providers moving products from beta through production to broad commercialization, and to their prospective platform users.

sinespace mini user case study 1st meeting likes & wishes debrief 13-apr-2020
sinespace mini user case study 3rd meeting museum tour 27-apr-2020

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Green Growing Tips

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Blood on the Snow

User Onboarding “Gate” Process

Four user onboarding gates must be passed for the use of a platform X for a purpose Y to grow.


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Science Circle in Second Life 11-Apr-2022

Presenting – Dr. Alex Hastings, Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany.
Topic – Horse-hunting Crocodiles of Ancient Germany

Chantal Jager’s Science Circle series, founded in 2008, offers science visualization and discussion events weekly. Event information and calendar are at Science Circle.