To travel farther I must use
accumulated intuition
to show what next I need to learn—
with which new skills I can ascend
to higher points providing views
of bold and unforeseen dimension.

Return the Favor

“Return the Favor”

Are you the type who aids or hinders
Or one who swims above the ruckus
Have you been hurt and stayed the course
Or gone to ground to lick your wounds
Are you still rapt with this world’s wonders
The pains and joys that would surround us

Lines of Demarcation

Lines of Demarcation from the Composing in Motion Series

Lines of Demarcation Part One pp03 C2772 556 ANIMATION
Lines of Demarcation Part Two pp05 3443 558 ANIMATION



I ponder over our lives’ spans
and wonder what true threads lie through
that for us each might show direction
in which to steer what we accomplish.
Who spins those threads? To ask reopens
the chance to make each moment new.



There is a kind of true seduction
that, unlike lies, does help us grow.
To see the contrast is a challenge.
For how, when young, are we to tell?
We find ourselves far gleams pursuing.
By our results we come to know.