A Man Called God South Korean TV Series – A Further Brief Review

a man called god

I stand by my first assertion that the A Man Called God South Korean TV Series is “007 in East Asian guise” but .. I have to admit it has further .. nuances and nods to other cultural media. The Saint, for one.

Some of the scenes are shot on tape not film, which gives a distinct daytime soap opera hue. Then they flip back to film so back to a typical adventure series visual tone.

There is a lot of eye candy, both men and women, young and old. TV Tropes terms are Bishōnen (beautiful boy) and Bishoujo (pretty girl) from Japanese anime. But there are also tropes for distinguished older businessmen, younger male thugs (who all deserve to be slapped), cute older moms and take-no-prisoners action girls. o_O.

I find myself empathizing with some of the baddies even as I rub my hands gleefully at their well-deserved comeuppances, which happen regularly enough to keep me engaged. I am only up to episode of 7 of 24.

Another fun thing is trying to guess who is going to end up with whom, romance-wise, and who is related to whom, family-wise. Also, who is going to end up OK and who is going to end up in (well-deserved) tears.

I think I am channeling Chiun, Master of Sinanju, who became infamously addicted to soap operas. o_O In the meantime I am having fun.

A Man Called God available on Netflix as of 27-Feb-2018

image credit: sammartz

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