Red Orange in Katy, Texas


Blue White

blue white compress 24-apr-2018

Moon Sestet (Darkening of the Light)

It’s strangely true my memory
is stronger of my mom than dad.
He left us all when I was six
including too my little sister.
It scared me when my mom broke free
but power was what was intended.



Green Yellow

green yellow 23-apr-2018

Borders Two

“Atelier” Contemporary Japanese TV Series – A Brief First Review

AtelierNow watching, hooked on “Atelier” Contemporary Japanese TV Series, aired 2015, available on Netflix as of 19-Apr-2018.

“Atelier” means workshop or studio and in this case it is about lingerie* designed and produced to individual customer order. Seriously.

Our young, recent-university-graduate protagonist adores textiles and human curves, and goes to work for Emotion Lingerie. Where she learns a lot plus coming of age plus .. well ..

At first I thought this might be a Japanese version of “The Devil Wears Prada” but from there it goes way beyond. Our heroine is no wimp! Nor is her boss  : )  No spoilers here!

*I apologize** for images of underwear designs and underwear models in this drama – Shazai shimasu! 謝罪します!

**But not very much – Shikashi sorehodo ōku wanai!  しかしそれほど多くはない!


Good Intentions Sestet (Concording People)

I seem to live between appointments
with doctors of the health profession
who read the omens of my being
and give me counsel I should follow.
And in the case that I resist,
My life expectancy will lessen.


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