Astro Characters

Somebody said we as individuals are not one but a committee of several personas which comprise our identify and determine or influence our net attitudes and perspectives and behaviors in life. Here are five sample committee members based on western astrology.

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A Very Secret Service (Netflix) – a very brief review

a very secret serviceA Very Secret Service is a new “Netflix Originals” release. About one in twenty Netflix Originals appeal to me and A Very Secret Service is one of them. I am on Season 1 (of 1) Episode 7 (of 12) and will soon be done. I hope another season will be in the works.

The series is French produced – studio, language (English Subtitles available), actors – and takes place in the 1960’s – De Gaulle, Algiers. It’s a tongue in cheek parody as a young man is recruited into “the service of la France!” with wacky secret agent mentors including agent provocateurs, a femme fatale, and bureaucratic old guard management. It’s reminiscent to me of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (secret agent parody) plus Are You Being Served (goofy character ensemble) plus early 007 Bond (assassinations, a bit of dark, Miss Moneypenny). To this it adds spoofs à la française – cigarettes, colonialism, cabarets, and théâtre de l’absurde.

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Rank Corporate Ranking Systems

A year (or so) after I started my corporate career (at the tender age of 25), I discovered that my company’s ranking system (to give a grade to determine subsequent raises and/or promotions) was rank (having a foul or offensive smell). Why was it rank? Because I had entered it without understanding it. Having put my foot in it, I chose to outlast it as long as I could (I thought that would be a mere 5 but it turned out to be yikes! 25 years yay me! ; ) ).

That said, rank corporate ranking systems are as inevitable (and rank) as death and taxes, so, be aware and persevere.

Simplified Chinese Things to Say in World of Warships Game*

From Google Translate:

Beware, be on guard, take precautions

Advance, go forward, march, go ahead, head, go along

Fight, beat, make, break, strike, shoot

Oh my God!, My goodness!

Be Ready


Press, push, crush, depress, hold down, strain

Defend, guard, protect, safeguard, ward, guard against

Please Die

I support you

I am disappointed

Our situation is bad

It’s ok


Request, ask, apply for

Angry, indignant, raging

I will protect you

Let them come to us

Progressing well

Capture it


Lucky hit

I die

This is crazy

You made a terrible decision

From Wikipedia:

213: Person who is very stupid.
666: "Doing something really well"
1314: "For ever", "One life, one world"
4242: "Yes" or "Affirmative" or "It is"
520: "I love you"
555: "(crying)"
7451 or 7456: "I’m angry"
748: "Go and die!", "Get lost!", "Go to hell!"
87: "Bitchy", “Idiocy/Idiot”
88: "Bye bye"
94: "So", "but", "just like", “etc.”
995: "Help", "Save me!"
2333: “Laughter"
484: "If" (yes or no)
99: "The wish for couple being together for long time"

*Dedicated to GeneralDort/ChairmanDort on WoWS RU/SEA/EU/NA/China Servers R1 Ranked Season 2017

Online Collaboration Tips for the Tech-Savvy @ Dublin Institute of Technology in Second Life

Always a pleasure to guest lecture for “Is One Life Enough” at Dublin Institute of Technology’s campus in Second Life. Course module information is at

iole 2016_001

1. Guest Lecturer, Sitearm Madonna
2. Dean of Arts and Tourism, John O’Connor, addressing students
3. Facilitator, Locks Aichi, chatting with Sitearm and John

iole 2016_010

iole 2016_013












Summer near Katy, Texas

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