November in Katy, Texas


Locrian Mode Sestet (Abounding)

The Locrian’s a kind of scale
obscurely named from ancient Greece.
Its tonic triad is diminished
and gives a dissonant attraction.
Its sound is easy to unveil—
just start and end upon the B keys.


Me Too Sestet (Prospering)

Collusion in put downs is not based on gender,
but rather on bullies on both sides of sex.
As long as they gather what to them is coming,
the system as currently run is just fine.
It’s only just lately their lying’s exposed.
But never you worry, they’ll hide it again.


Channeling Sestet (Sprouting)

To travel farther I must use
accumulated intuition
to show what next I need to learn—
with which new skills I can ascend
to higher points providing views
of bold and unforeseen dimension.


Awareness Sestet (Treading)

Throughout our daily ambulations
our ears and eyes are best kept ready
for sources of concealed obstruction
that might stop progress in our tracks.
We also need find inspirations
to help us in our quest keep steady.


Making Room Sestet (Great Exceeding)

At times in life we find that we
are overwhelmed by our possessions
and cannot move unless we lighten.
Although confronted by dilemma
of what to keep and what to empty
we look to what our heart intends.


Emotion Sestet (Field)

From feeling’s silent mystery
emerges force we can’t control
through naive effort of the mind.
An intuition must be grown
from which both viewpoints can be seen
to give them work as balanced whole.


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