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Going to the Sun Road in SineSpace

Found an Avatar I like. With matching 4×4. And Region. Gotta accessorize ya know.

Trail of the Cedars – Going to the Sun Road
Loop Crystal Point – Going to the Sun Road
Scenic View – Heaven’s Peak
Trail Head – Granite Park Chalet

ST Bandit by StarkTech, Glacier National Park by AnatNom, Annora Avi by Lesiar


Mars, Saturn, Jupiter ~2 hours before sunrise

One Research Question & Seven (7) Answers – What Are Yours? 02-May-2020

“What’s needed to be attracted to a virtual world and to stay there afterwards?”

The importance of being able

1) to establish a home base to reside in,

2) to feel at ease,

3) to feel safe,

4) to find a home base community of common interests to belong to,

5) to find communities of specialized interest that serve your professional and social needs,

6) to find events of interest to attend,

7) to personalize your avatar and clothing so that they represent you,