Earth Day

“Earth Day”

I’d like to own a company
with growth and prospects très immense.
I’d hire folks from left and right.
They’d do so well they’d cease dispute.
The start, I guess, is up to me.
I’ll simply count on common sense.

Returning pp02 2662 557

“Returning pp02 2662 557”
Cycles: Earth Home Office Sky
Timbres: Bassoon Vocal Piano Snare Timpani

I have two homes in which I work.
Between them daily I commute.
One’s in the sky, the other earth.
Each time I change I leave a note.
It helps, when back, my pace ensure.
And keeps me focused on my purview.



No Landing

“No Landing”

Arpeggios of early learning.
The flatlands of our cognizance.
The trouble with authorities.

When looking for new intuitions.
Ideals are approximations.
To see death is a privilege.



Asleep, I dreamed of basements empty,
where once my granddads and grandmoms
had put their workshops and their laundries.

In play and work they there engaged in,
but since moved on rather than tarry,
to give us space in which to build on.