Shake Sestet

A prick of sound, repeated fast,
becomes a tone with which to sing.
Just so we do with each life drama.
In time there forms a melody
of things remembered from our past.
And we conduct the tune upwelling.



Leading Sestet

Our conscious wills must have their say
on what to feel and think and want,
as if sole monarchs on their thrones.
But psyche’s more complex than that,
it has a full and rich committee
that makes an inner parliament.


Welling Sestet

Of varied feelings in our lives,
we hope for pains to come less often,
preferring pleasures in their stead.
But like our blood, charged by our breathing,
emotion flow comes without bias,
and our aliveness helps sustain.


Radiance Sestet

Some physicists say our sun’s blessing
is sending us low entropy.
We turn the favor, re-emitting
much higher measures of disorder.
And when all’s gone, we’ll rebegin
a zero-reset cosmic journey.


Great Possessing Sestet

Asleep, I dreamed of basements empty,
where once my grand dads and my moms
had put their workshops and their laundries.
In play and work they there engaged in,
but since moved on rather than tarry,
to give us space in which to build on.


Sojourning Sestet

I first pretended I liked football,
in order up at night to stay.
I was back then my granddad’s grandson.
I’m sure he knew what I was up to.
That “sixty minutes” game, in all,
took three times longer out to play!


Great Invigorating Sestet

In youth, to live a worthy life,
we’re taught prescriptive principles.
And when we find them insufficient,
we turn perforce to other guidance—
thus augmenting that ancient archive
that helps assure human survival.


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