Meditation in Motion Sestet (Confining)

The cool of breeze and heat of sun
Caress the skin of morning walkers
Whose hips and feet with swaying strutting
And voices in high register
Meld world and self in full expression
And make an instant’s universe


Disloyalty Sestet (Viewing)

We speak through our persona daily
We panic when we cannot find it
We count on foreground consciousness
As evidence that we exist
As beings of defined degree
Our boundlessness we won’t admit


Tone Trail Sestet (Limping)

The source chords of our music souls
ring out at our inauguration
and chime our births into the world—
so listen now and you will hear them
and strange new melodies compose
with ardent harmonies therein.


Reflection Sestet (Leading)

Each time we call on memories
we further etch their graven lines.
In doing so we both abrade
and build up stored material.
These combinations build the stories
that constitute our self designs.


Archives Sestet (Shake)

We find these ancient images
with notes from their historians
to document their circumstances
from lo these many years ago
and then we see that they are us—
our early selves till now forgotten.


Compassionate Understanding Sestet (Gorge)

The borderlands of dark and light
we range along with our perception
encountering the challenges
of grace and love and grief and woe.
As riders strong it is our birthright
to learn thereby a fierce aplomb.


Partnership Sestet (Dwelling People)

We start the journey with our parents
for nurturing and first direction.
With rivals then we push and pull,
developing our skills and muscle.
Our idols help our dreams express.
And allies bring them to creation.

05-Dec-2017 / 21-Jul-2019