Team Roles

“Team Roles”

Some fusions last and others end,
some mergers work and others don’t.
What might be guarantees sufficient
for higher chances of success?
Some pundits say odds best are reckoned
by looking at the blends of talent.



We find these ancient images
with notes from their historians
to document their circumstances
from lo these many years ago
and then we see that they are us—
our early selves till now forgotten.



Upon my death I shall receive
access to knowledge vast and deep,
I am assured by sages wise.
But just in case I’ll take precautions
to balance acts in this life wisely
and strive my promises to keep.



Had we not glimpsed it
We would not see it

At the beginning we saw a glimmering
Full complete
Yet when we took it on
We progressed only inch by inch

And it took over
To where it was going
And to what it was going to be
With us now along for the ride

What was our role in its creation
What was its role in ours

Yet had we not glimpsed it
We would not see it now



I used to swim when I was younger.
I floundered first and then took lessons.
My skills improved until I reached
the limits to my time and will.
For every skill this does occur.
It serves to show my true intentions.