In youth, to live a worthy life,
we’re taught prescriptive principles.
And when we find them insufficient,
we turn perforce to other guidance—
thus augmenting that ancient archive
that helps assure our main survival.



I am a skeptic of advance.
I think it is a giant con.
Half caught between the old and new,
we pant to catch up in a panic.
We seem to put a great reliance
the world without us can’t go on.



The calcs are made, predictions checked,
and now we sit and idly wait
and hope that they were not for nothing.
But wait, oh joy! Here’s something else,
another outcome to project!
Yet more we can anticipate.



Suppose we sign prenatal contracts,
before, in life, we each are birthed—
what are the gains we hope to see,
to justify such harsh conditions?
Be reassured, we check our facts,
the gains are worth these tours on earth.



When inner selves feel ill at ease,
it seems our strengths are being tested.
These times by nature are recurring:
they call us out, our growth to show.
According to some luminaries,
it’s how our spirits get ahead.