Beep Beep Boop

the keyboard sends signals to the computer (via white cable); the computer sends sounds to the headphones (via black cable); the player (not shown) twiddles knobs and listens to results and also reads manuals; somewhere in there, music happens



My mother died the year two-thousand
And in my soul I felt quietus
My driving spirit gone astray
It’s been awhile I’ve felt adrift
But now I’m cooking once again
Supported by my inner Venus

Direction Too

“Direction Too”

The physics and the martial arts
I studied hard to find direction.
They satisfied up to those points
at which I ran into hard limits.
And though since then I’ve added new parts
the things to learn will never end.



A spark was lit, a fuse set burning,
a timer set, when we were born—
a kind of telomeric pressure.
Like sailors old in vessels fragile,
we’ve set our course to go a viking
and at the end see what we’ve learned.



Events that clearly caused disruption,
I often saw as I grew older,
like war and strife and competition.
Now something, somehow, hints to me,
that seeming discord is illusion.
All things in harmony occur.