The sruti is an interval
one twenty-secondth of an octave
a tonal nuance we can hear
in Hindustani classic music
whose raga variations fuel
the moods to which we are responsive.



Suppose there were an integration
of body, mind and soul and spirit.
What do we really know about these?
Of brawn and brain it seems apparent:
that they exist is not in question!
It’s where we can’t touch that we’re tested.

Venn Orbits



I first pretended I liked football,
in order up at night to stay.
I was back then my granddad’s grandson.
I’m sure he knew what I was up to.
That “sixty minutes” game, in all,
took three times longer out to play!



Near Venus and far Jupiter
Both overhead in this night’s heaven
With Moon behind in close pursuit
And Saturn rising next then Mars
A quintet grouping rare delicious
All visible to naked eye