Circle Line Music Design – Concept Sketch

Human senses are capable of perceiving sequentially and simultaneously in time and space. So too music.

Circle Line Music Design – Bass & Passing Chords

Melody consists of backbone notes (found in the bass chords) and passing notes (found in the scale but not in the bass chords). Passing chords are heard indirectly, overlaying the bass chords heard directly, and add texture to the overall composition.

Composing a Ballad – Communication Beyond Words

Sound and movement precede words, as does music.

Video Design Factors

Video design factors include assets, star, video watcher, points of view, participants, qualitative elements, communication, and intention.

Diatonic Parallel Scales – Negative Harmony & Chord Function – C Diatonic Tonality Chords – Music Design Reference

Cminor and Cmajor Traditional Chords and Functions.
Cminor and Cmajor Extended Chords and Functions.
Cfull tonality Traditional and Extended Chords and Functions.

Consonance Model – Chart & Tables – Music Design Reference

Tones played together have audible levels of tension. Doubles and triples are compared here using a weighted scale of 1 (low consonance, high tension) to 3 (high consonance, low tension).

Human Social Size Personal Framework Model – Quantum Energy States Metaphor – Concept Sketch

Our feelings of closeness with others change in relatively sudden jumps, from low closeness to high, or high closeness to low.