tech support in the hybrid metaverse…

[dear HP support per your feedback request…] my HP Envy 34 showed blinking orange light then shut off at 80 seconds… repeatedly
I googled it on my smartphone and got an old post about checking power cord so I turned my UPS off and on (it had been thunderstorming overnight so I thought maybe something got through)
THIS time the HP Envy 34 showed a brief CMOS Reset 502 blue screen, then rebooted OK; I had my smartphone camera and took a picture of the error
NOT TRUSTING this was resolved I looked up the web address on my smartphone picture by emailing it to my HP ENVY 34 and scanning the QR code in the pic which takes a deep breath took me to part of the HP support web site
THEN I read what CMOS Reset 502 meant, reinstalled/enabled the HP Support Assistant, ran all the tests, and am about to do the final UEFI thing having had to go install ITS latest version first.
Overall, crossing fingers and assuming the issue is resolved, I am pleased with the HP support web tools WITH THE CAVEAT that had I not found that old post on “what does a blinking HP orange light mean?” I would not have gotten past facing a blank monitor and a power light that only lasted 80 seconds.
Now you know :-)

image courtesy 5 Effective Ways To Get Your Customer To Provide Feedback
nb we tried dall-e and diffusion with the letter header prompt but google image search results were better, we felt…

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