SLCC 2011 Two Week Warning

slcc 2011 bridge logoIn two weeks, August 13-14, SLCC 2011 will be up and running on three media channels:
. Real World: California, Oakland Marriott City Center
. In World: Second Life, SLCC Sims
. Internet: Ustream, Your Favorite Internet Browser


SLCC presentations are webcast live, and recorded, available to all SL Residents, at their convenience:
. Attending Real World requires a 300 USD registration fee, which includes venue, gift bag, meals and also covers webcasting and recording fees.
. Attending In World is free.
. Attending Internet is free.

SLCC is the Second Life Community Convention, held once a year for residents, by residents. Second Life® is the world’s leading 3D Web virtual environment and virtual goods economy.

SLCC is a mixed modality, Live + Remote Conference, with twice the speakers, audience, and impact of traditional, live-only conferences.

slcc11_inworld_schedule_FINALContent Viewing Schedule

. SLCC 2011 has confirmed 30+ presentations and mixers, addressing all areas of SL Resident interest.
. Presentation summaries are available, now, for advance review, at

Keynotes [4]

Artistic & Creative Expression [4]
Commerce & Marketing [8]
Developers & Open Source [4]
Public Service & Education [8]
Social Experience & Communities [5]

Oakland Mixers [5]
In World Mixers [5]

Oakland Updates

Conference registration is now 300 USD. When registering in advance, you may take 10% off by using discount code, SLCC-friend.
Day Passes are available for 150 USD per day. No discounts are available
On-site Registration is limited. You will need a credit card or PayPal account. No discounts are available.

slcc inworld teeshirt imageIn World Updates

SLCC sims are now open to the public for advance review.
SLCC sims include gift giver boxes with Avatar tee-shirts and more.

Internet Updates

Ustream URL’s will be posted on the home page of under “Live Streams”.

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  1. SLCC 2011: Mesh Hair Net Shortages May Threaten Convention | The Alphaville Herald Says:

    […] Will Linden staff don celebratory mesh hair nets at the Second Life Community Conference to mark the long awaited release of mesh object support for the prim-based virtual world? SL content creators and certain OEM suppliers hope so, and the chances of sighting Linden staff with a food-service worker look should not be discounted – previous concerns over mussing Philip Linden's stylish locks were pushed aside with the ascent of new CEO Rodvik Linden. We can only hope there will be enough mesh to go around during the SLCC August 13-14. […]

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