magnetic anomoly map

Every 450,000 years the Earth’s magnetic field reverses—magnetic north becomes magnetic south and vice versa—these ripples show the changes.

Halloween II in Katy, Texas


Why has Skype become so much harder to use?

I loved Skype on Windows 7. Then friends and relatives of mine were forced, FORCED, to use (dogs vomit) Windows 8, for which, for some reason, Skype decided to remake a brand new and similarly uncomprehensible/unfamiliar interface. Then, I bought my Samsung SmartPhone, for which, I discovered, Skype created yet ANOTHER non-familiar interface. Is this progress, or is it experimentation on guinea pigs to see how for they can push us before we’ll no longer put up with their **it?

Thank goodness, Skype still works on iPhone and iPad (I do not use them but other of my friends and family do) as well as on Windows and Droid. And yet… and YET… you cannot video conference on smartphones on Skype except "1 to 1"; for "3 or more" you must use voice only on smartphones, or, for video, be on laptops.

Why has Skype become so behind / so much harder to use?

What Next?

love god1. Love God
2. Love People
3. Equip Future Generations

I like these


In the middle of all this nonsense

In the middle of all this
Am no more sensible than
Any other.

observing yourself from afar…

I notice a dish on the kitchen counter
A saucer with melted cheese

I think, was that me?! My thought segues…
I remember checking the fridge and finding fresh cheddar

I look… the package is sliced… the amount I use to make melted cheese
My thought segues further… the difference between grilled cheese (butter and a frying pan) and melted cheese (a toaster and a microwave)

Yes… it must have been it was me
I mean… whom else