Moon Sestet (Darkening of the Light)

It’s strangely true my memory
is stronger of my mom than dad.
He left us all when I was six
including too my little sister.
It scared me when my mom broke free
but power was what was intended.




Good Intentions Sestet (Concording People)

I seem to live between appointments
with doctors of the health profession
who read the omens of my being
and give me counsel I should follow.
And in the case that I resist,
My life expectancy will lessen.


Junior High Sestet (Skinning)

While babysitting through the night,
I used to watch the chiller movies.
Celebrities of television
and chips and cokes and snacks of pretzels
would keep me happy till the sight
of coming parents paying monies.


Summary – Harmonic Multiples & Associated Equal Temperament 12-Tone Intervals

Appetite Sestet (Gnawing Bite)

What is the role of fiction
in our psychotic lives?
I think it is distraction
from all the daily pains
and boredoms that we shun—
to seek a balanced stasis.


Dual Sestet (Attending)

The sruti is an interval
one twenty-secondth of an octave
a tonal nuance we can hear
in Hindustani classic music
whose raga variations fuel
the moods to which we are responsive.


Memory Fragment Mosaic Sestet (Grouping)

Back then I had epiphany
I had moved near the town of Newark
What choice have I, I asked myself
While pacing deep around the lake
The township of Parsippany
Oho, said I, I have to work


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