Summary – Harmonic Multiples & Associated Equal Temperament 12-Tone Intervals

what I’ve learned to date ..

Summary – Harmonic Multiples & Associated Equal Temperament 12-Tone Intervals



Appetite Sestet (Gnawing Bite)

What is the role of fiction
in our psychotic lives?
I think it is distraction
from all the daily pains
and boredoms that we shun—
to seek a balanced stasis.


Dual Sestet (Attending)

The sruti is an interval
one twenty-secondth of an octave
a tonal nuance we can hear
in Hindustani classic music
whose raga variations fuel
the moods to which we are responsive.


Memory Fragment Mosaic Sestet (Grouping)

Back then I had epiphany
I had moved near the town of Newark
What choice have I, I asked myself
While pacing deep around the lake
The township of Parsippany
Oho, said I, I have to work


Tritone Sestet (Diminishing)

Between the tonic and the octave
the logarithmic halfway point
of ratio of frequencies
defines the minor dominant
which gives an interval perspective
that some consider sonic exploit.


Tone Trail Sestet (Limping)

The source chords of our music souls
ring out at our inauguration
and chime our births into the world—
so listen now and you will hear them
and strange new melodies compose
with ardent harmonies therein.


Self Sestet (Enveloping)

Our system is acute awareness
of mastery in language realms
including too our state of poise
and management of all our schemes
thereby enabling active wellness
in concert with our greater selves.


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