This House 2

this house 2 17-aug-2018


Faux Moon

faux moon 06-aug-2018.png

Een’s Early Light

eens early light 01-aug-2018

Shadow Solution

Meditation in Motion Sestet (Confining)

The cool of breeze and heat of sun
Caress the skin of morning walkers
Whose hips and feet with swaying strutting
And voices in high register
Meld world and self in full expression
And make an instant’s universe


Uranus XII Sestet (Displacement)

When Sky approaches Hidden’s door
Then soon enough the fur starts flying
All private thoughts dragged in the open
Some will be kept and some discarded
Released to reach a new composure
It’s all for future preparation


IPA Sestet (Great Invigorating)

The world’s phonetic alphabet
Is used to sounds delineate
As found in humankind oration
And gathered by linguistic scholars
It matters not where we inhabit
They’ll by our accent soon us locate


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