Simplified Chinese Things to Say in World of Warships Game*

From Google Translate:

Beware, be on guard, take precautions

Advance, go forward, march, go ahead, head, go along

Fight, beat, make, break, strike, shoot

Oh my God!, My goodness!

Be Ready


Press, push, crush, depress, hold down, strain

Defend, guard, protect, safeguard, ward, guard against

Please Die

I support you

I am disappointed

Our situation is bad

It’s ok


Request, ask, apply for

Angry, indignant, raging

I will protect you

Let them come to us

Progressing well

Capture it


Lucky hit

I die

This is crazy

You made a terrible decision

From Wikipedia:

213: Person who is very stupid.
666: "Doing something really well"
1314: "For ever", "One life, one world"
4242: "Yes" or "Affirmative" or "It is"
520: "I love you"
555: "(crying)"
7451 or 7456: "I’m angry"
748: "Go and die!", "Get lost!", "Go to hell!"
87: "Bitchy", “Idiocy/Idiot”
88: "Bye bye"
94: "So", "but", "just like", “etc.”
995: "Help", "Save me!"
2333: “Laughter"
484: "If" (yes or no)
99: "The wish for couple being together for long time"

*Dedicated to GeneralDort/ChairmanDort on WoWS RU/SEA/EU/NA/China Servers R1 Ranked Season 2017

2015 Computer Simulation Games Update

2015 Computer Simulation Games Update

City Building – The new 2015 hot game is Cities Skylines available for 30 USD or so.

World of Warships – 2015 but still in Beta but you can buy in for um… 30 USD or so.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – may or may not be a 2015 best game but so far FiGhtiNCoWBoY is a fave to follow.

Other 2015 games include ArcheAge.

2014’s best game was Dragon Age: Inquisition and I had 3+ players I followed but for now again I favor Cowboy.

ArcheAge (10x) and SwordArtOnline (1x)

You can play ArcheAge for free online, if you download and install it. It is both a “theme park” and/or a “sand box” live single and/or multiplayer game. You will learn and/or risk experiencing and/or enjoying “being lost” in a virtual world, where you may build/conquer/craft/solo/team. Sweet!

You can also watch SwordArtOnline, if you have a NetFlix (not free) account, and watch the episodes. What would happen if you signed up for an online single and/or multiplayer game that you could not log out from and if your physical life depended on your virtual survival?

Both virtual worlds I find worth watching:
. ArcheAge requires frequent computer interaction
. SAO requires minimal computer interaction

Either way, may you choose how you play and continue!


I think that pretentiousness is:

Thinking that you know what life was like for your mother.

Thinking that you know what life was like for your father.

Thinking that you know what life is like, or was like, for anyone else but you.

Thinking that you are like your mother,  or your father, or anyone else but you.

I think that pretentiousness is what we all do as default, unless…

enjoying the drama…

My daughter advised me recently, during a discussion regarding relatives, to “be entertained by their drama.” I was struck by this, told her so, and wrote it down.

Today watching a first season episode of “Ugly Betty” (Season 1 Ep. 6 Trust, Lust and Must). I suddenly noted myself, indeed, “enjoying the drama.”

In reflection I see it is easier to enjoy “the drama” when it is spectacularly played up. In further reflection I expect “the drama” can then be enjoyed in lesser emphases over time… so much so perhaps that one can enjoy the drama of any moment in time.

I want to contrast this with something my mother advised me eons ago, during a discussion regarding a movie, “Why should I watch a movie that has a terrible ending and brings me down when I have enough in life already with which to deal? I want positive movies!”

In reflection I see this has applied for me to movies, books, and general interpretations of life. In further reflection I see that in certain cases “poignancy” has rung my bell – as in “poignant beauty*.” At times certain themes, musical or lyrical or pictorial have rung my bell leaving me aching for something suddenly called present as only a hint. This includes certain hymns etc.

BUT in even further reflection I see that the perception of something perceived as a possibility and then “lost” can lead to an increase in awareness, can lead to an increase in growth, can lead to a whole new new learning and completion and wholeness.

And as they say the beat goes on.

*Poignant: pricking the feelings (deeply affecting; painfully affecting)
  Beauty: attractive to the senses and mind

marching around exploring in a nourishing-exposure-rich environment under adult supervision

I’m dubbing 1989+ VHS recording tapes of my kids to 2014 DVD+RW discs. Beyond that I’ll move the .vob files to further-editable .mpeg files.

Beyond that who knows what formats will be the standards of the future. Boomers have been through this – our parents made Super 8 film movies and 35mm film slides – which, to be preserved, must also be digitally dubbed or scanned.

Regardless of the technologies – photograph, microfilm, yadda yadda yadda – in watching my kids go through their developmental stages – from being born to thrashing around on their back and front to being able to push up, turn over, pull up, and (yay!) walk then run then yadda yadda yadda… I am reminded how very much we all benefit from “marching around exploring in a nourishing-exposure-rich environment under adult supervision” up until, and here comes the rub, we must ourselves become the adults who set up nourishing environments for our kids and protégés but also for ourselves and peers.

Why has Skype become so much harder to use?

I loved Skype on Windows 7. Then friends and relatives of mine were forced, FORCED, to use (dogs vomit) Windows 8, for which, for some reason, Skype decided to remake a brand new and similarly uncomprehensible/unfamiliar interface. Then, I bought my Samsung SmartPhone, for which, I discovered, Skype created yet ANOTHER non-familiar interface. Is this progress, or is it experimentation on guinea pigs to see how for they can push us before we’ll no longer put up with their **it?

Thank goodness, Skype still works on iPhone and iPad (I do not use them but other of my friends and family do) as well as on Windows and Droid. And yet… and YET… you cannot video conference on smartphones on Skype except "1 to 1"; for "3 or more" you must use voice only on smartphones, or, for video, be on laptops.

Why has Skype become so behind / so much harder to use?

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