Emotion Sestet (Field)

From feeling’s silent mystery
emerges force we can’t control
through naive effort of the mind.
An intuition must be grown
from which both viewpoints can be seen
to give them work as balanced whole.

02 Field

Hexagram 2 is named 坤 (kūn), “Field”. Other variations include “the receptive”, “acquiescence”, and “the flow”. Its inner trigram is ☷ (坤 kūn) field = (地) earth, and its outer trigram is identical.


emotions are a mystery because they are nonverbal and affect us from our earliest days and can drive us to unwise actions despite our intelligent awareness so it seems as if head and heart conflict. there have been many attempts and many investigations through history recorded to try to better understand the emotions and to tame them. taming is perhaps a good metaphor because emotions like horses are very strong and can only be directed if at all through trim tab points like a bit in a horse’s mouth or a ring in an ox’s nose. but perhaps progress is being made is possible has been made is still being made and progress is available to each of us to harness or include emotions as a key and energetic part of our composite being. if so what are the best tips known to date well one tip is to learn how to give emotions their head rather than try to confront or block them directly and then giving them their head you use small signals to nudge or veer them in useful directions. this presupposes one knows how to give such nudges also what useful directions are and also the ability to be aware of when emotions are so to speak rearing their heads. we must learn to be verbal with our non-verbal, become conscious of our unconscious, learn to set up an exchange between head and heart where each speaks and is listened by the other. beyond this is the idea of intuition or perhaps what it really is is a third dimension that steps out of the plane of head and heart emotion and intellect, from which new perspective head and art can both be seen, both be allowed and from this direction perhaps is where the insights on sensing and guiding become learnable and usable.

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