Simplified Chinese Things to Say in World of Warships Game*

From Google Translate:

Beware, be on guard, take precautions

Advance, go forward, march, go ahead, head, go along

Fight, beat, make, break, strike, shoot

Oh my God!, My goodness!

Be Ready


Press, push, crush, depress, hold down, strain

Defend, guard, protect, safeguard, ward, guard against

Please Die

I support you

I am disappointed

Our situation is bad

It’s ok


Request, ask, apply for

Angry, indignant, raging

I will protect you

Let them come to us

Progressing well

Capture it


Lucky hit

I die

This is crazy

You made a terrible decision

From Wikipedia:

213: Person who is very stupid.
666: "Doing something really well"
1314: "For ever", "One life, one world"
4242: "Yes" or "Affirmative" or "It is"
520: "I love you"
555: "(crying)"
7451 or 7456: "I’m angry"
748: "Go and die!", "Get lost!", "Go to hell!"
87: "Bitchy", “Idiocy/Idiot”
88: "Bye bye"
94: "So", "but", "just like", “etc.”
995: "Help", "Save me!"
2333: “Laughter"
484: "If" (yes or no)
99: "The wish for couple being together for long time"

*Dedicated to GeneralDort/ChairmanDort on WoWS RU/SEA/EU/NA/China Servers R1 Ranked Season 2017


2015 Computer Simulation Games Update

2015 Computer Simulation Games Update

City Building – The new 2015 hot game is Cities Skylines available for 30 USD or so.

World of Warships – 2015 but still in Beta but you can buy in for um… 30 USD or so.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – may or may not be a 2015 best game but so far FiGhtiNCoWBoY is a fave to follow.

Other 2015 games include ArcheAge.

2014’s best game was Dragon Age: Inquisition and I had 3+ players I followed but for now again I favor Cowboy.

Better eco-living literacy through games?

City-building simulation games update!

SimCity_2013_screenshotSimCity 2013
– price – $29.99 complete mac/pc downloadable edition from Origin
– multiplayer capability: you can open a region with multiple cities, distributed among you as “mayor” or open to your friends as fellow mayors. Either way you can exchange services so that individual cities can specialize.
  + can be played online or standalone your choice
– simplified utility system: electricity, water, sewage are automatically delivered via roads
– individual city sizes are limited – if you want to go mega you have to go regional

Cities_skylines_screenshotCities Skylines 2015
– price – $29.99 complete mac/pc/linux downloadable edition from Steam
– tons of free add-on mods, which: a) keep on growing, and b) include terrain maps of selected real cities
– map/terrain editor (see above re real cities)
– you can only play standalone

– graphics
– design freedom (e.g., infinite money vs. budget constrained)
– exploring and optimizing eco-living options (e.g., dirty vs. clean industry; electricity, garbage, sewage options; traffic)
– tons of tutorials/demos/play throughs on YouTube
– the possibility for us to become eco-living literate through playing or watching or commenting or all of the above these simulations
– keep linking up with the incredible 3d content and state-of-the-art user interfaces used on simulations, such as Wargaming, and real world services, such as Google Earth

Pic/Info Credits
SimCity 2013
Cities Skylines 2015

ArcheAge (10x) and SwordArtOnline (1x)

You can play ArcheAge for free online, if you download and install it. It is both a “theme park” and/or a “sand box” live single and/or multiplayer game. You will learn and/or risk experiencing and/or enjoying “being lost” in a virtual world, where you may build/conquer/craft/solo/team. Sweet!

You can also watch SwordArtOnline, if you have a NetFlix (not free) account, and watch the episodes. What would happen if you signed up for an online single and/or multiplayer game that you could not log out from and if your physical life depended on your virtual survival?

Both virtual worlds I find worth watching:
. ArcheAge requires frequent computer interaction
. SAO requires minimal computer interaction

Either way, may you choose how you play and continue!

Why is the the Google Android Gmail App so hard to use?

I tried so hard to respond to a gmail message today, using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which uses Google’s Android operating system and Google’s Android Gmail App.

Google’s Gmail Android App is very good at screening my daily emails. But it is SO hard to use when trying to Reply, as in, if I advertently go somewhere else on the device, then come back, there is NO EDIT OR SEND BUTTON for REPLIES.

Really… in this regard Google (Gmail) is as bad as Microsoft (YouTube) in getting mobile apps right. They leave you (mobile wise) hanging and having to go back to (shudder) a LAPTOP device to get it right.

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Reflections on Virtual Worlds

bdesSeveral years ago I was a beta tester for a brand new, computerized, “city building” game. I was also learning how to engage in on-line forums and on-line reference services such as Wikipedia.

While my primary focus at that time was modeling for the purpose of expanding technological humanitarian growth, I learned new technologies and applications, and, expanded my focus from “real” to include “virtual” realities.

In the area of the tangible, we have Arts, Engineering, and Sciences. In the area of the intangible, we have Economics, Community, and Spirituality.

One model of the growth of any one human is that there are four personalized eras lasting about 20-30 years apiece: Exploration, Achievement, Wisdom, and Transcendence (EAWT). Another model distinguishes four domains of growth including Society: Individual and Collective, crossed with Internal and External. In this model, EAWT would be Individual/Internal. All models are lies; some are useful.

The current best platforms for online 3-D virtual worlds are Second Life and Open Simulator. There is a 50:50 chance that new platform technologies will compete with or supplant them in the next 10 or so years. There is an advantage to learn and engage, now, with either or both of these platforms.  Motivations include personal interest, education, learning, entertainment, commercial, other.

New technologies complement contemporary technologies and rarely eliminate them. The Cloud-Based Office has not replaced, for example, the Paper-Based Office. Nobel Science Prizes have not replaced, for example, Dalai Lama Publications.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

Scalable Avatar Role Play Experiment #3 Now Open for Public Registration

moses dsg #1 slide with captionScalable Avatar Role Play Experiment #3 Now Open for Public Registration

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Maxwell, Douglas <>
Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 10:59 AM
Subject: MOSES DSG #3 Now Open for Public Registration

Good Afternoon All, I am pleased to announce the MOSES DSG #3 Experiment is now open for role player registrations.

Please disseminate the links below as widely as possible.

We have made accommodations for over 150 users.


Scenario Details:

Experiment Description:

Registration Page:

Douglas Maxwell, MSME
Science and Technology Manager
Virtual World Strategic Applications
U.S. Army Simulation & Training Technology Center (STTC)
(407) 208-5097
DSN 970-5097
twitter: @vrdeity

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