Sitearm’s 3D in Music Interactive Orchestra Kits

Sitearm's 3D in Music Orchestra Kits
Sound Inside!
Step inside to hear them. 
Colored objects are click-playable. 
Create your own!

“Sitearm’s 3D in Music Interactive Orchestra Kits”
This Second Life 19th Birthday exhibit shares the joy of speaking musically. Immerse yourself in visuals and clickables and extend your musical vocabulary! For those who enjoy and create. Opens June 16th through July 5th.


  • Demo custom pitch scales for those creating musical experiences
  • Demo interactive 3-D for those working with virtual environment apps
  • Demo cross-dimensional thinking and hybrid tech for those addressing daunting challenges
  • Demo teamwork and collaboration for those leading and working in groups
  • Demo fundamentals of music theory for those extending mastery in arts


before I began working in 3d online I was a systems analyst for an oil company
my music was in school as a side activity
I learned to play but not the theory of how to compose
so I decided to learn how to compose but also to do it in new ways so that the music I made could be new to me

this exhibit looks different from the sides and back
only the 3d parts are visible
it is vision plus sound plus mind :)
you have to come inside to see the mind

see the moving dots –
this is an experiment
it is visual of the music you have been playing on the right
in my vocabulary the purple is the cadence (energy) and the green is the backbone (structure)
for me vision and sound go together

these piano notes are only a few seconds
the parts of the composition are 7 seconds long each
there is a link to the full composition played in youtube, at the top top top left of that display
here I put 19 seconds of it in three parts

when many people play it comes from different directions and volumes
I have had groups come and play all together
who don’t “do” music but enjoyed it

speaking in music
without words
although… we still add words :)

because of custom keyboard
the colored cubes are programmed musical scales

In the Metaverse, Avatar is your Identity

Sitearm Avatar – Second Life (One, Two, Three, Many)

Performing in VR – Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith Artistic Director Spirit Light Dance Company

“Performing in VR – Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith Artistic Director Spirit Light Dance Company”

Sitearm and Caryl Meredith take you to the Understage of the Rockcliffe University Theatre of Light, to see and experience where the dancing magic of “Phoenix Rising” happens!

Caryl Meredith


Caryl Meredith is Artistic Director Spirit Light Dance Company, and Producer “Phoenix Rising Dance Show” for Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2022. “I started dancing when I was 7 years old and by the time I was 16 I was the principal dancer with a ballet company so I’ve been doing this my whole life. I started teaching at 14 and I have been dancing and teaching choreography in Second Life since 2009.”

Spirit Light Dance Company


Spirit Life Dance Company (SLDC) is one of Second Life’s premier dance organizations, providing a highly original, leading-edge blend of virtual world technology and classic choreography. Created by Caryl Meredith, a classically trained choreographer, the SLDC is a volunteer organization that takes ordinary people and makes them into extraordinary dancers, choreographers, and set designers, all within the unique setting of a social virtual world.

Phoenix Rising


The Spirit Light Dance Company (SLDC) was pleased to participate in this year’s Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference presenting a new show “Phoenix Rising.” The theme of the presentation is “inspiration.” How are we inspired to overcome obstacles and to move on to where we want to be? How do we rise, phoenix-like, to abandon the old and to embrace the new? The dancers confront these questions in several stirring choreographic moments that are capped by a rousing adventure into the meanings of fire and rebirth.


Curtain 0:06
Self Introduction 0:21
Theatre of Light 1:24
Spirit Light Dance Company 2:26
“Phoenix Rising Open” 3:02 (selection) (Narrated by Mikey Hax)
Self Background 4:09
Teaching in VR 4:36
“DevaShree” 5:40 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Lust Hornsely)
Performing in VR 6:42
Learning VR Performance Tech 7:34
“In the Air Tonight” 9:39 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Caryl Meredith)
Intermission 11:03

Performing in VR – PART ONE Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith – /company overview/
Second Life Performance Selections: 01-Apr-2022
Artistic Director Interview: 02-Apr-2022
Composite Video (Part One): 21-Apr-2022
11mins; timestamps; closed-captioned


Curtain 0:05
Studio 0:17
“Je t’aime” 1:35 (Commentary by Caryl Meredith) (Filmed/Edited by Pia Klaar)
“You’re the Boss” 6:52 (“) (“)
Studio (reprise) 10:34
Intermission 11:08

Performing in VR – PART TWO Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith – /solo dance demos/
Artistic Director Interview: 02-Apr-2022
Composite Video (Part Two): 22-Apr-2022
11mins; timestamps; closed-captioned


Curtain 0:05
Self As Avatar 0:17
Auditorium 2:15
“Blinding Lights” 2:42 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Charm March)
Stage 3:40
Backstage 4:13
Set Demos – “Phoenix Rising 2022”
“Viva La Vida” 4:42
“In the Air Tonight” 5:20
Set Demos – “The Nutcracker Ballet 2021”
“Pas de Cinq” 6:37 (performance selection) (Filmed/Edited by Pia Klaar)
“Spanish Dance” 7:17 (performance selection) (“)
“Russian Dance” 8:22 (performance selection) (“)
“Chinese and Dragons Dance” 9:28 (performance selection) (“)
Backstage (reprise) 11:06
Intermission 11:21

Performing in VR – PART THREE Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith – /stage set demos/
Artistic Director Interview: 02-Apr-2022
Composite Video (Part Three): 23-Apr-2022
11mins; timestamps; closed-captioned


Curtain 0:05
What Choreographers Do 0:17
“In the Air Tonight” 5:16 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Caryl Meredith)
What Dancers Do 7:35
“In the Air Tonight” 9:30 (avatar animation demonstration) (“)
Intermission 15:06

Performing in VR – PART FOUR Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith – /dancing with avatars/
Second Life Performance Selections: 01-Apr-2022
Artistic Director Interview: 02-Apr-2022
Composite Video (Part Four): 24-Apr-2022
15mins; timestamps; closed-captioned


Curtain 0:04
Admin Team 0:18
“Rebirth“ 0:56 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Hanna Mixemup)
Admin Team (reprise) 1:47
“Phoenix Rising” 2:09 (selection) (Narrated by Mikey Hax)
“Fire“ 3:16 (performance selection) (Choreographed by Caryl Meredith)
“Fire“ 4:46 (performance selection) (“)
“Fire“ 5:23 (performance selection) (“)
Wrap 6:13
Curtain Call 6:38 (Narrated by Mikey Hax)

Performing in VR – PART FIVE Behind the Scenes with Caryl Meredith – /finale/
Second Life Performance Selections: 01-Apr-2022
Artistic Director Interview: 02-Apr-2022
Composite Video (Part Five): 25-Apr-2022
8mins; timestamps; closed-captioned

We are Already Living in The Metaverse

Metaverse VR Studio Lab

It’s either this or direct brain upload but we don’t have that yet.